Teas that Go Well with Milk

Teas that Go Well with Milk

Are you ready for a cup of creamy goodness that will put a new spin on some of your favorite teas?

That's what this article is all about—teas that go well with milk! Whether you want to try adding a tiny bit of milk in your tea or are going for a deliciously creamy milk tea, you'll find some ideas here to help you get started.

Let's get steeping (and pouring)!

Should You Put Milk in Tea?

You've probably wondered: Is it weird to put milk in tea?

The answer is yes, and no. It is all tea dependent as well as what your preferences are. It's as preferential as if you prefer to sweeten your tea with sugar or drink it without any. My tastes vary per tea, per cuppa, per day, per moment...and the list goes on and on!

Adding milk to tea is very common in the UK, dating back to the 18th century in fact. The reason you ask? Tea was served in tea cups (of course), but many could afford the fine china dishes that could withstand the heat of the boiling water, so milk was added before the boiling water and tea, to prevent the tea cups from cracking.

For those that were poorer and couldn't afford finer teas that were smooth, the milk that was added helped to mask the astringent taste. Perhaps a bit of a win-win all around?

You also have things like Thai milk tea, a creamy milk tea known for its subtle smoky flavor and reddish-brown color.

In modern-day times, we've witnessed the expansion of milk in a variety of tea delights.

A variety of tea lattes and fun and exciting boba tea. Boba tea is comprised of a tea green or black tea base, then adds in milk, sometimes fruit flavors and is topped off with chew tapioca pearls.

There are endless varieties out there, even boba tea bars where they make these drinks! They are fun if you've never had one, so if you haven't, I say go give it a whirl sometime! It's worth it to try a new twist on milk tea.

What Does Milk in Tea Taste Like?

Drinking tea with milk can taste like a variety of pleasantness on the tongue. If you add a splash of cold, froth it, warm it—each changes the dimensions of your flavor profile, and each will also be inextricably intertwined with your tea of choice as well. That's what's so amazing about it!

You can choose to really make it your own, play around with it, and find out if you prefer it one way or another. Cold milk will tend to taste a little creamier and denser. Warmed milk will taste sweeter. This is due to the chemical reaction that happens when the proteins heat up in milk. If you want a combination of a sweeter and creamier flavor profile, then frothing is the way to go. When you add air simultaneously to milk that is being warmed, you're giving it a richer flavor.

What Teas Should You Not Add Milk To?

Teas that you want to stay away from adding milk to are those that are delicate and those that have citrus in them. A good rule of thumb is white teas, green teas, and (again) anything with citrus.

Best Milk and Tea Pairings

Lots of teas make the perfect milk tea, but our favorites are punchy breakfast teas, bold oolongs, and spiced teas. Herbal teas can also make good milk tea, but it's important to find one without anything too acidic in it.

Here are a few favorites to get started with:

Black Tea

Our House Blend black tea is an absolute delight for adding milk too! A classic vanilla black tea with Malva flowers and safflowers for that pop of color...it's divine perfection in a cup!


Looking for a great chai? Look no further than our Stargazer Caramel Mate Chai which is absolutely divine with hot milk and some honey! It's a little sassy, spicy, and so yummy!

Oolong Tea

Looking for something creamy, a little sweet, and dreamy? Look no further than our Peaches n' Cream oolong tea. When it comes to adding milk to tea, this one is best served with a dollop of cold milk—at least that's how I prefer it. It's also fantastic as a cold-brewed iced tea!

Herbal Tea

Wondering if you can add milk to herbal teas? The answer is an absolute yes!

Dare I say our Vanilla Sugar Cookie herbal dessert tea is one of the best with milk! I like it with a little frothed milk and a dash of sugar. Makes for a delightful cuppa and hits the spot every time. It's a favorite here at Plum Deluxe!

Adding Milk to Tea: What You Need to Know

Are you curious about how to add milk to tea? How much? When?

We've got the answers—you ready?

What's the Best Milk to Add to Tea?

You have lots of options when it comes to adding milk to tea. Some will be based on taste preferences, and some on dietary restrictions. Cows milk, cream, or half and half is always a classic go-to, but not always an option for some. No matter where you find yourself along the spectrum, we have suggestions and options to help you choose the best milk in tea!

Vegan Milk Alternatives

There are some really fantastic choices out there these days for those that need to find a vegan milk alternative for their tea. These options won't compromise the integrity of your tea or the taste, still leaving you with an amazing cuppa to enjoy!

Coconut milk, oat milk, cashew, almond, and soymilk are all great options when it comes to looking for an alternative to dairy. I recommend checking out both of these articles which really give you the run down on coconut milk and oat milk in tea.

The first: How to Use Coconut Milk in Tea will walk you through the flavor profile and how to heat it to enjoy. Another: Oat Milk in Tea: A Dairy-Free Alternative will not only provide the same tidbits of information but also provide a recipe to help you make your very own oat milk right at home!

How Much Milk to Add to Tea

One may think this is an exact science, but the truth is, there isn't a "perfect" amount of milk to add to your tea. It really comes down to personal preference. I always recommend trying your tea first, then go from there. Start by adding a little milk, stir, and go from there. You can always add more.

How to Keep Milk from Curdling

There are a few key points to help you along your journey when it comes to adding milk to tea and preventing it from curdling. Wondering what they are? Simple as one, two, three...

  • Avoid acidic teas
  • Warm the milk first
  • Opt for milk powder or creamer

Other Additions for Great Milk Tea

Some great milk teas would be complete without the addition of some special complements. Complements such as sugar, honey—you know—everything sweet and nice!

May I recommend scooting on over and checking out some of these? It's worth your while to try our Vanilla Sugar Dust, which tastes much like regular sugar would, but with the added essence of vanilla. It truly can't get much better than this!

If honey is the place to be with the tea of choice, then our Honey Sticks or Honey Dust is what to choose. Both are delicately crafted, perfectly balanced, and provided just the right amount of sweetness.

Ideas for Making Milk Tea

Are you looking for some fun and inspirational ideas to get you rockin' and rollin'? Ready to kick start your day or your party with a latte or creamy chai?

Let's go!

Black Tea Latte

A black tea latte begins with black tea leaves, a strong flavor, and then adds in milk and sweetener. It's blissful! The base tea is personal preference and that's what I love most; it's customizable and that's where the adventure begins!

For the full 411 on black tea lattes, check out How to Make a Black Tea Latte. Soon you'll be a pro!

Herbal Milk Tea

What's beautiful about herbal tea and milk is that they're often very enchanting. I adore their calm and sweet nature—their endless varieties and a bit of their sweet tooth. Again, dealers choice on this one for your base, but I'd like to suggest Soul Warmer herbal tea and Caramel Snickerdoodle herbal dessert tea.

A great recipe to check out that is not only beautiful but really delicate and lovely is our Butterfly Pea Milk Tea Recipe. It's light, hopeful, and soothing!

Creamy Chai

Perhaps one of my all-time favorite classics is a creamy chai! It pairs the nostalgic spices of a chai with the creaminess of milk and sugar altogether—creating (in my opinion) perfection in a cup!

Looking for a few inspirations for making your own creations? I've got some for you! Check out this Healthy Chai Tea Latte Recipe to learn how to make your own chai tea latte. If you're looking for something on the same level but a little cooler, then I urge you to whip up an iced chai. Erica Jolly shows you how in her recipe: How to Make Iced Chai Tea Latte.

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