2021 Best Gifts for Tea Drinkers Holiday Gift Guide

2021 Best Gifts for Tea Drinkers Holiday Gift Guide

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Looking for ideas for the best gifts for tea drinkers? Things are looking a lot different in 2021 than they have before, but worry not, we have some suggestions for every budget and scenario you can think of – whether that's getting a gift for the tea drinker who has everything, getting someone to start sippin' who doesn't drink tea, or just a delightful holiday surprise for the occasional tea aficionado.

TIP: Did you know you can provide an alternative ship-to address upon checkout, as well as a gift note?  We'll hand-write your personal message and pack your gift up and ship it right to your giftee!

Tea Gifts for Health & Self Care

If we've learned anything from 2021 it is that our wealth is in our health! If you're looking for a tea gift that encourages some health and self care, we've got just the thing! I can't recommend highly enough our herbal teas for fighting colds and flu: Tender Loving Care (with sea buckthorn berry) and Self Care (with elderberry) as well as Rejuvenation (with fresh ginger) and Just Rosehips (great with a dollop of honey). Pair any or all of these teas with one of our tea infuser mugs; I recommend these because the large infuser basket that comes with it allows for plenty of room for the herbs and spices to infuse, plus these mugs come with a lid so you can leave the tea to steep for several minutes for a powerful brew and it won't go cold!  And one last suggestion: maybe one of our sweeteners. As the saying goes, a spoonful of sugar makes...  

This holiday-themed tea infuser mug is so festive!

Tea Gifts for a Tea Lover who Has Everything

Know a tea lover who just has everything in the cupboard, but you still want to surprise them with a little bit of holiday delight? We've got some special options in our shop this year I haven't seen anywhere else! Our new tea travel tumbler incorporates some space-age genius tech, that is bound to be helpful; it keeps hot tea hot and cold tea cold for hours. We also have a tea-themed holiday ornament this year that is just precious! Handmade in the USA with our own unique design, it's just the thing for someone special. Pair it with a tea from our shop (maybe the Holiday Embrace cranberry tea) and you're all set.

 Handmade gifts are always so special.

Tea Gifts for the Occasional Tea Sipper

Looking for a gift for a tea drinker when the moment suits them? Got it. My suggestion is to gift them teaware and accessories that make tea time more special AND easier! Our pewter heart tea scoop really sends an I-appreciate-you vibe and it's also functional. Pair it with our Victorian infuser which is not only lovely to look at, it's easy to clean and has a large infuser basket that works in any mug. Of course, freshen up their cupboard with some tea as well. I suggest some classic flavors that are also calming and helpful – like a Candy Cane tea, or our aptly-named Gratitude Blend Earl Grey.

 What a beautiful way to spoon out a portion of tea!

Tea Gifts to Introduce Someone to Tea

Know of someone who would love to get into tea, but they need some encouragement? Gift them the tools they need to get started! We have a Tea Lover Starter Kit that comes with everything you need (if you're not a tea connoisseur yourself). Or if you prefer you can select the 1) tea , 2) preparation accessories, and 3) sweetener choices that you think they will like. We only stock teaware that is functional so know any of our products will be great for tea beginners; be sure to tell them about our blog, as we have a learning section that will introduce them to everything they need to know about tea! You could also get our Gingerbread Gift House, which comes in the most ADORABLE box ever. Pair it with one of our Tea Moments Journals, which is a thoughtful way for your new tea lover to track their likes and dislikes, as well as some mindful encouragement along the journey. 

Tea Gifts on a Tight Budget

On a tight budget but wanting a thoughtful tea lover gift? We have cute options. I personally love our cute tea tins; the size is just right for a tea cupboard and they're an affordable way to add some impact to a gift. We have several designs, not just holiday ones (but the holiday ones only last a few weeks so don't wait!). You can get a couple of tins plus a tea and still be under $20; since these tins only hold a couple of ounces of tea I recommend getting a couple different designs.  Some of my favorite teas to send as gifts during the winter are the Soul Warmer nutty caramel herbal tea and Apple Cinnamon black tea. One other tea gift on a budget you can try is our tea lover coloring book. It comes paired with a tea for only $13 and sends a wonderful message of good tidings and thoughtfulness during the holiday season.

 Tins are a cute and affordable way to add impact to a gift.

Tea Thank You / Gratitude Gifts

For sending a thank you tea gift, I actually suggest sending some tea and a lovely message. It's a simple touch, but sometimes the simplest gifts have the most impact. If you're in a rush, just order with a gift note and let us take care of the rest. I've mentioned some other teas for gifting already, but for a gratitude gift I do love our Mindful Morning earl grey creme (available in both black and decaf black) for a thank you gift. If your budget permits, I can't recommend enough our mugs with re-usable gift boxes. They remind me of old recipe card boxes, but they can also be used for tea storage.

 Everyone loves a pretty mug.

Last Minute Tea Gifts

Shipping times have been greatly impacted by all carriers this year, so if you're running behind on your gifts for the tea lovers in your life, we have a couple of good options for you. You can opt for a tea digital gift card and then deliver the message of good tidings to your giftee right away! Another option is to choose a tea of the month gift subscription, have it set to start in January, and then again just let your giftee know of your generosity. A great thing about the tea subscription is that you can choose how many months to gift, so it's great for any budget, and the gift subscription also comes with the same perks as everyone else - free shipping, frequent discount offers, and a thriving and supportive community. And that's exactly what everyone needs more of in 2020.

 Tea club is so fun to receive!

Not feeling inspired by any of my suggestions?  Then take a look at some of our pre-made gift sets for tea lovers.  And don't hesitate to drop us an email if you need some further suggestions or help – we'd love to hear from you! Lastly, don't forget to treat yourself!  You've done your best in 2021, so be sure to pick our a tea flavor or two for yourself for some 2022 encouragement.  Maybe some Best Friend's Advice or Wise Counsel?

Andy Hayes

Andy Hayes is the founder and creator of Plum Deluxe. He authors our award-winning weekly email newsletter, The Blend and curates our popular organic tea of the month club.
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