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Spring has sprung, and so have new tea flavors!

We're loving our new rose black tea and lemon lime tea right now.

Plus April's $5 featured tea is a sweet & spicy tea.  We're also featuring a great lavender lover's trio (save 12%) just this month only!

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Best Sellers & Staff Favorites

In case you could use some recommendations…

Coconut Macaron Dessert Tea

Our favorite dessert tea - a yummy healthy treat, $7/oz.

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Matcha Mini Packet (Premium Green Tea Powder) – 1/2 oz

All organic, premium green tea powder. $6 / .5oz,

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Just Ginger Herbal Tea

Spicy and potent – a delightful cure for almost anything. $3/oz

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Vanilla Creme Herbal Tea

Sometimes something simple is best. $7/oz

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Noble Blend Green (Strawberry / Goji)

Feel physically & emotionally supported. $7/oz

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Just Hibiscus Herbal Tea

Full of yummy tart flavor healing power. A great infusion or wonder with just by itself. $3/oz

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Hope Blend Green Tea (Jasmine)

Soft, sweet, and encouraging. $7/oz

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Just Elderberry Herbal Tea

Tart, lovely gems of health. $3/oz

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Does Tea Go Bad?

A few years ago, archaeologists discovered green tea in the tomb of a Chinese emperor that dated back to 141 BCE. Tea has been around for a long time, and it lasts for a long time. But could you still drink tea that was found in an ancient emperor’s tomb? Does tea go bad? Left to its own devices, the tea leaf will obviously decompose over time. But when it is cooked and dried (which is the way most of us experience it on a daily basis), does tea go bad? Some teas, like pu-erh and certain oolongs, get better […]

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Closeup view of a plate of sliced chicken breast covered in a tea marinade for chicken.

Spicy Tea Marinade for Chicken

Chicken is such a wonderfully versatile thing, perfectly suited to a variety of marinades — such as our Spicy Comfort Blend Tea Marinade for Chicken. Far too often, tea is relegated to the realm of Hot Drink Only, but it can be used in so many other creative and delicious ways. With its delicate aromas and vast range of unique flavors, tea marvelously enhances otherwise bland things such as chicken breasts. Here at Plum Deluxe, we’ve used tea with chicken before. Our succulent Tea Brined Chicken Wings were divine sweetened with honey and spiced with cayenne, garlic, paprika, and black […]

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20+ Mother’s Day Tea Gifts She’s Going to Love

Is your mom a tea lover? Mine certainly is! And with Mother’s Day fast approaching, I’m already gathering up tea gifts for mom. If you’ve been struggling to find something for the tea loving mom in your life, here are over twenty Mother’s Day tea gifts we know they will adore. For Early Rising Moms If your mom is anything like mine, mornings come early and caffeine is a much-needed commodity. We have a full lineup of caffeinated teas that are ready to help with mom’s get-up-and-go. Our popular Oregon Breakfast hazelnut tea with orange is a great choice for […]

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