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Happy Earl Grey Month!

We're celebrating one of our favorite teas all month long with limited-edition blends, quantity discounts, and more.   Click here to learn more and save up to 30%!

Plus our $5 tea of the month is the popular after dinner peppermint spearmint tea.

Best Sellers & Staff Favorites

In case you could use some recommendations…

“Smooth Sailing” Mango Black Tea

Find the easiest, best path forward. $7/oz

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Sweet Rose Black Tea

Treat yourself to your own bouquet. $7/oz.

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Dragonfruit Desire Herbal Tea

Delicious, exotic, dreamy. $7/oz

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Tranquil Peach Herbal Tea (Pineapple / Peach / Chamomile)

Cool your heels with fun, fruity flavor. $7/oz

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Raspberry Revitalizer Lemon Mate Tea

Sparks nourishment and great ideas. $7/oz

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Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise Herbal Tea (Bergamot / Sage / Lemongrass / Mint)

Be the best version of you. $7/oz

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Blackberry Mojito tea

Blackberry Mojito Black Tea (Lime / Maple / Spearmint)

Put a bit of pizzazz into your tea time. $7/oz

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The Spice of Life Black Tea (Hot Cinnamon Spice)

Put some pep in your step and a kick in your mug. $7/oz

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