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Best Sellers & Staff Favorites

In case you could use some recommendation.  Or try our 30 second tea quiz to find a favorite.

Breakfast in Bed Black Tea (Blackberry / Hazelnut)

Luxuriate in the feeling of breakfast in bed. $7/oz.

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cuddletime organic chamomile vanilla peppermint tea

Cuddletime Herbal Tea (Chamomile / Mint)

End your day in a delightful way and enjoy a great night's sleep with our signature sleepy tea blend. $7/oz.

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reading tea

Reading Nook Tea Blend (Rose / Lavender / Chamomile)

An ingenious blend of black tea, lavender, rose, and chamomile. Calm caffeination perfect for reading, writing, & lively conversations. $7/oz.

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Heritage Blend Black Tea (Maple Scottish Breakfast)

Feel the strong roots of tea, always there for you. $7/oz.

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Citrus Mint Green Tea (Lemon / Orange / Lemongrass / Mint)

Sit in the stillness and feel refreshed. $7/oz.

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Caramel Almond Black Tea

Bold & sweet: a delicious attitude to have. $7/oz

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Peaches n’ Cream Oolong Tea (Peach/Vanilla)

Slow down for something satisfying. $7/oz

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Coconut Macaron Dessert Tea

Our favorite dessert tea - a yummy healthy treat, $7/oz.

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