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Spring has sprung, and so have new tea flavors!

Which ones will you try first - sweet rose? toasted nut brulee? blackberry mojito? coconut ginger?  See them all in the shop.

Plus don't forget all the green this month!  You can save 17% all month long on our Matcha Minis. and March's $5 featured blend is Citrus Mint Green Tea.


Best Sellers & Staff Favorites

In case you could use some recommendations…

Meadow Walk Herbal Tea (Blueberry / Lavender / Rosemary)

From field to forest, a tea inspired by nature. $7/oz.

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Porch Sippin’ Pecan Black Tea

Sit, relax, and enjoy. $7/oz.

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peach pear organic white loose leaf tea blend

Afternoon “High Tea” Tea (Peach / Pear)

Relax with friends & hot scones and this lovely weekend tea. Lightly caffeinated. $7/oz.

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Coconut Ginger Soother Herbal Tea (Apple/Cinnamon)

A warm hug in a mug. $7/oz

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Abundance Blend Green Tea (Passionfruit / Elderflower)

A simple but thoughtfully chosen combination of fruit + flowers. $7/oz.

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Matcha Mini Packet (Premium Green Tea Powder) – 1/2 oz

All organic, premium green tea powder. $6 / .5oz, on sale for 17% off all month long.

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Citrus Mint Green Tea (Lemon / Orange / Lemongrass / Mint)

Sit in the stillness and feel refreshed. $7/oz, only $5 in March as our featured tea

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Fog Cutter Black Tea (Irish Breakfast w/Hint of Lemon)

Clear through the emotional clutter and focus on your dreams.

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