What Is Plum Deluxe All About?

“I am not here just out of a sense of loyalty, but I am here because there is truly something very special and remarkable about Plum Deluxe Tea” - Sarah M

It’s about tea, but not as you know it.

It’s about flavor, variety, shared experiences, conversation, the taste and freshness of tea, trading community in-jokes and tea puns, and about taking people from different social and economic spectrums and bringing them together with one unique interest, to create a community of people who all have one thing in common - tea.

It’s a broad church but it’s a united community.

The rich selection of our flavored teas that we source are shared far and wide and enjoyed by thousands of people across the country.

People who drink them are those who are interested in flavor, and they all care about the same things when it comes to tea: source, blend, and the variety and enjoyment we offer.

These factors help make our teas a success, and while they are incredibly important, so is making our customers smile, creating moments of warmth and humor, and giving them encouragement.

What I, what we, love here at Plum Deluxe are the amazing relationships our customers have with both us and each other. The new friends that are made, the light-hearted humor swapped around our shared tea obsession tea adoration, the new excitement in our community each time someone new joins us. We get cards, letters, and gifts from customers who tell us this every day.

How did we start?

Well, it began with a life of acceptance and a journey towards something new and different.

It was a journey that took me to Europe - the Netherlands,and Scotland, in particular. It was there where my palate and knowledge of teas developed, where keeping warm was paramount but coincided with an increased awareness of blend and flavor.

I started writing about my travels; there was a blog and then a magazine - but then my mother died and her passing brought me to a new place, where her thirst for life, even at the end, brought something out in me that I put back into the business.

Her enthusiasm and love of life and living gave everything I did a new perspective, and I like to think that all of this found its way into the tea. The teas and thoughts of my mother are intrinsically linked and always will be.

From the vibrant tea culture of Scotland to the terraced tea conversations of Amsterdam, it soon developed into online conversations on the Plum Deluxe blog, and it was all about savoring life and living it to its fullest. From these conversations came real-world products - and Plum Deluxe tea was born.

It is a fusion of ideas, of places, of reminiscences, and a need for community - a gathering of like-minded souls.

There’s something truly special, remarkable, even, about how a versatile blend of teas can bring together a group of people, a community of like-minded tea lovers from all over the country, to talk about their love of tea.

I know that Plum Deluxe has created for itself a dedicated, unique group of people who love the tea and the community it has created - as well as a kind, warm team of magicians that help get our creations to your mailbox.

From something that started so simply with just four teas and then moved gradually on to more sophisticated varieties, sourced for their freshness and taste, we gradually began to collect more tailored teas that would suit every palate.

Our teas give you the best reasons to slow down, to do whatever it is you’re going to do, whether that’s reading your favorite book, writing a piece of prose, a goofy happy dance in the kitchen with your favorite cuppa, or simply staring out of a window. Teas that are punctuated by flavor, aroma, and taste help with whatever moments are ahead of you and make them feel better than they ever did before you poured the tea.

From our now-famed “Reading Nook” floral black tea blend to our delicious-yet-healing herbal teas like the Self Care Blend, we have teas for all seasons and moods. Whether you’re filled with calm energy or searching for a moment’s inner peace and quiet, our teas will offer you the care and comfort you need amongst the turmoil and chaos of the world.

We welcome you warmly to Plum Deluxe. Take a slow, leisurely look around our shop, learn at your own pace about the wonders of tea, and contact us if you have any questions.

Take care. Be well. We can’t wait to get to know you.

Founder and Creator, Plum Deluxe

Tea … is a religion of the art of life.
-Kakuzo Okakura