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The Plum Deluxe Difference

Crafted with Passion, Served with Love,
Enjoyed with Calm.

The Plum Deluxe Difference
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    "You have created something special with Plum Deluxe... and it’s not just the tea (which admittedly is fabulous)! You have created a community... a safe space to share our love for tea, books, and other cozy comforts. Your devoted customers have become a family."

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    "I was drawn to how you try to create a community. You seem to genuinely care about others and their well-being."

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    "I particularly like how everything Plum Deluxe does feels very personal, down to the handwritten notes on a lot of the products and packaging. It really feels like you all care about us as people not just as customers."

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We understand that you want more from your tea.

In the middle of the hustle, you yearn for those rare moments of tranquility. You don't just want a cup of tea, but an experience, a haven amidst the whirlwind.

Some days, all you have time for is throwing a tea bag in a travel mug as you run out the door — we’ve all been there.

But if, in your heart of hearts, you were really a "throw your tea bag in a travel mug as you run out of the door" person, then you wouldn't be here — browsing our site, mouth watering over our delicious blends.

You want more.

A calm, luxurious moment that lifts you out of the mundane. An experience that lasts longer than the drive-thru window at your local coffee shop.

And that's why we're here.

European luxury in every blend:

Our founder’s tea journey began with travels through the tea-infused corners of Scotland and the intimate cafe terraces of Amsterdam. We’ve captured the essence of these serene moments in each cup.

The experience you're looking for with every sip:

Every blend from Plum Deluxe is a fusion of places and memories. Whether it’s our “Reading Nook” floral black tea blend that wraps you in warmth, or the Self Care Blend that recharges your spirit, our teas are crafted to resonate with your mood and the moments you cherish.

A commitment to quality:

The quality of our tea, and of your experience is paramount. We painstakingly source our ingredients from farms and families we know and trust. And we test our blends tirelessly before we present them to you. We’re perfectionists in all the good ways!

Moments of calm in your day:

Picture yourself on a European piazza, feeling the world's pulse while nestled in a pocket of calm. That’s what Plum Deluxe offers. We believe in more than just selling tea; we’re about gifting you those peaceful, reflective moments that life often rushes past.

A personal touch:

Plum Deluxe started as a tribute to the zest for life, inspired by a beloved mother's enduring spirit. This very essence permeates our brand, ensuring that every blend carries with it not just taste, but heart. Our tea community is our family.


Elevate the everyday with Plum Deluxe.

Introducing Our Founder

It all began with a journey.

A journey that took me through the Netherlands and Scotland. This was where my palate and knowledge of teas developed, and (as I tried to keep warm!) I became more aware of blend and flavor.

I started writing about my travels; there was a blog and then a magazine — but then my mother died. And her thirst for life, even at the end, brought something out in me that I put back into the business.

Her enthusiasm and love of life and living gave everything I did a new perspective, and I like to think that all of this found its way into the tea. The teas and thoughts of my mother are intrinsically linked and always will be.

Introducing Our Founder
  • The vibrant tea culture of Scotland to the terraced tea conversations of Amsterdam, it all made its way into the Plum Deluxe blog, mixed with thoughts on savoring life and living it to its fullest. And then, from these conversations came real-world products — and Plum Deluxe tea was born.

    Our tea is a fusion of ideas, places, reminiscences, and a need for community — a gathering of like-minded souls.

    There’s something truly special, remarkable, even, about how a versatile blend of teas can bring together a group of people, a community of like-minded tea lovers from all over the country, to talk about their love of tea.

    Join us, we'll bring the tea.

    — Andy, Plum Deluxe Founder.

plum deluxe is more than just tea
We're family

With every sip of Plum Deluxe tea, be reminded that you're not just enjoying a delightful blend, but you're also a vital part of a community that celebrates memories, laughter, and the joy of shared moments.

We're family

"Plum Deluxe teas are really interesting and flavorful! But it's more than that — I feel like I joined a community when I placed my first order and have been getting great info and tips. So glad I took a chance and placed an order!"