Where to Find Tea Like Townshend Tea

Where to Find Tea Like Townshend Tea
For years, Townshend’s Tea has been a go-to hub for tea enthusiasts in Portland. After almost a decade and a half, the beloved tea institution (ins-tea-tution, if you will), is closing the doors of its five Oregon-based teahouses to focus on kombucha.
But dry your tears, Portland tea lovers; there’s still an awesome company producing excellent tea right in the neighborhood! If you’re looking for a new watering hole that makes tea like Townshend, Plum Deluxe has hand-crafted, mindfully-sourced teas that taste amazing. And for all you tea-lovers outside the City of Roses, don’t worry – Plum Deluxe delivers.

P-Town is Tea Town

With its persistent cover of grey skies and steady drizzle of rain, Portland basically always gives off cozy tea vibes. If your favorite Townshends teas are gone with the wind, swap them out for another P-Town favorite, then curl up with your warm cuppa and let the pitter-patter of Portland showers wash your cares away.

Swap Townshend Crème de la Earl Grey for Plum Deluxe Mindful Morning

Who doesn’t love Earl Grey? A sturdy base of black tea delicately accented by a hint of bergamot makes Earl Grey bracing, refined, and all around delicious.
If you loved Townshend Tea’s Crème de la Earl Grey, with its addition of blue cornflower and French crème to the classic combination of black tea and bergamot, then Mindful Morning will be just your cup of tea. It has everything you’re looking for in an Earl Grey: robust Ceylon black tea, vibrant blue cornflowers, traditional bergamot, and vanilla essence – providing that delicious creaminess you loved in Townshend’s tea. Mindful Morning also leans into the citrus element of bergamot by adding orange peels. A blend to make the Earl proud!
For more delicious Earl Grey moments, try Delightful Morning, a lavender Earl Grey that absolutely lives up to its name, or Gratitude Blend, a strawberry Earl Grey that will make you grateful you decided to branch out. For the ultimate London Fog latte, try Crème Brulee Earl Grey for creamy, dreamy perfection.

Swap Townshend Market Spice for Plum Deluxe Comfort Blend

Nothing cuts through the chill of Pacific Northwest mist like spiced tea. Townshend tea made Market Spice, black tea infused with cinnamon orange oil and studded with dried orange peel. If that was just the thing to warm your bones, Plum Deluxe’s Comfort Blend won’t leave you out in the cold. Warming cinnamon chips, ginger, and clove are brightened by both orange peel and orange extract for a truly comforting blend that will bring cheer to even the dreariest of days. And bonus! It’s also available in decaf, so you can enjoy it all evening long.

Swap Townshend Amaretto Spice for Plum Deluxe Caramel Almond Black Tea

If your spicy tea of choice leaned more to the sweet side with Townshend’s Amaretto Spice, which combined cinnamon and natural almond flavor, then say hello to Plum Deluxe’s Caramel Almond Black Tea. Almond and caramel essences round out a base of black and rooibos teas with their perfectly balanced sweet and nutty flavors, enhanced by a sprinkling of cinnamon chips. If you’re looking for a decadent almond tea with all the indulgent flavors of amaretto and zero guilt, look no further.

Swap Townshend Vanilla Peach Apricot for Plum Deluxe Peaches and Cream

Sometimes you want to capture that feeling of summer sunshine, no matter what the weather is doing outside. If Townshend Tea’s Vanilla Peach Apricot was your favorite liquid sunshine, consider Plum Deluxe Peaches and Cream. Black and oolong teas are uplifted by apricot and apple pieces for a pop of fruity goodness. Rich, creamy peach and vanilla essences augment the blend, yielding a taste sensation that brings to mind the bounty of summer all year round. Pair it with a peach cardamom scone and bask in the glow of your eternal summer.

Swap Townshend Big Sky Blend for Plum Deluxe Easy Like Sunday Morning

Nothing says cozy tea vibes like chamomile. Add in a bit of lavender or some cocoa nibs and you will be snug as a bug with a mug. Townshend tea made Big Sky Blend with all three ingredients: chamomile, cocoa nibs, and lavender. If you’re looking for a new snuggly blend, try Easy Like Sunday Morning herbal tea, with cocoa nibs, lavender, and chocolate essence, an infinitely inviting blend perfect for a leisurely Sunday – or Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday...
Or, if you can’t get enough of that lavender and chamomile combo, try Reading Nook, a black tea with an exquisite bouquet of lavender, chamomile, and rose; or Calm Chamomile Bloom, which adds a nice zing of lemongrass and lemon balm to that floral trio. Snuggle up and settle in! It’s going to be a very good day.

Bridge City Blends

No matter who you are or what you’re into, Portland is a place to express your unique voice, your style, and your tastes. As a foodie’s paradise, Portland’s food and beverage scene is rife with bizarre yet beautiful flavor combinations that embody the motto, “keep Portland weird.” Townshends Tea made (and Plum Deluxe still makes!) blends that reflect the city’s one-of-a-kind personality.

Swap Townshend Golden Potion for Plum Deluxe Golden Cocoa

Turmeric tea is vibrant, nourishing, and wholly distinctive. Its vivid yellow coloring bespeaks the particularity of its flavor profile: earthy, warm, and grounded – a genuinely matchless flavor. Townshend tea’s Golden Potion blended turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, and ginger for a hearty, stimulating blend. Plum Deluxe’s Golden Cacao herbal tea showcases those same flavors – turmeric, ginger, and black pepper – while also incorporating aniseed and fennel for heightened spice, blackberry leaves and vanilla pieces for gentle sweetness, and both cocoa peel and nibs for depth and contrast. A cornucopia of impeccably well-suited flavors!

Swap Townshend Clear Mind with Plum Deluxe Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise or Meadow Walk Herbal Teas

For an herbaceous blend that evokes the fresh air and evergreen wonders of the Pacific Northwest, Townshend Tea made Clear Mind, a caffeine-free tea with peppermint, rosemary, and sage. Plum Deluxe is serving up a slice of that great outdoor feeling with Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise herbal tea. Sage, lemongrass, and peppermint blaze a trail for an aromatic journey through fields of blue cornflower and orange trees, scented with the tantalizing essence of bergamot.
Or, if it’s rosemary you love in the Clear Mind blend, try Meadow Walk herbal tea. A foundation of green rooibos tea is gorgeously accented with rosemary and lavender, then artfully strewn with an abundance of blueberries, cranberries, raspberry leaves, rose hips, blue cornflowers, and hibiscus petals. Commune with the beauty of nature without ever leaving your couch.

Swap Townshend Caravan for Plum Deluxe Fireside Chat

Love a nice smoky tea? Maybe Townshend’s Caravan used to satisfy that distinguished flavor craving and now you’re left with decidedly smoke-less teas. Or, you were until Plum Deluxe fired up the old smoker and brought you Fireside Chat!
Where Caravan cut through the smoke with elements of citrus, Fireside Chat leans into a warmer palate that complements and augments that distinct smoky note of the black tea. Cinnamon, cocoa nibs, and ginger provide a sweet and spicy base, while safflower and calendula add a bit of nuance. Vanilla, walnut, and chocolate essences waft their way through the blend, harmonizing beautifully with the smoke and spice. Pair it with a smoked ham, apple, and brie tea sandwich. Smoke has never tasted so good!

Swap Townshend Rose Petal for Plum Deluxe Reading Nook or Strawberries and Cream

A tour of tea around Rose City wouldn’t be complete without—of course—a rose tea. Townshends tea brought you Rose Petal, a black tea with rose petals and lychee. Plum Deluxe has cultivated the aforementioned Reading Nook, the first tea ever created by Plum Deluxe’s founder and tea mastermind, Andy – and, in my opinion, one of his absolute finest! Calming chamomile and creamy vanilla essence mingle seamlessly with rose petals, lavender, and chamomile in a positively stunning blend that is available both caffeinated and caffeine-free.
If you like fruit with your florals, try Strawberries and Cream, a lovely blend of black tea, strawberry pieces, raspberry leaves, Oregon rose petals, and vanilla essence. Charming, comforting, and oh-so-sweet.

Swap Townshend Dream Time for Plum Deluxe Night Cap Herbal Tea

At the end of a long day of keeping Portland weird, sometimes you need a mug of something special to help you unwind. You could reach for a classic chamomile or lavender tea, or you could brew up a mug of mysteriously sleep-inducing valerian root tea to help you catch those zzz’s.
Townshend’s Dream Time and Plum Deluxe’s Night Cap are aptly named blends combining a bevy of soothing herbs all carefully curated to send you off to dream land. Both include valerian root, chamomile, and lemon. Calming floral elements weave their way through both blends – passionflower and lavender for Dream Time, and hibiscus and rose hip for Night Cap. A touch of herbaceousness tops off the mix, with Dream Time featuring mugwort and tulsi, and Night Cap integrating calming peppermint. For any Townshends fans who wound down their days with a restful cup of Dream Time, swap it out for Night Cap herbal tea, and you’ll be sawing logs in Stumptown before you know it.

Steeping in Stumptown

Swap Townshend Mt. Hood Vanilla for Plum Deluxe House Blend

Townshend tea made a very pleasant vanilla black tea, Mount Hood Vanilla, created with just black tea and vanilla bean. If that kind of simple elegance speaks to you, consider Plum Deluxe House Blend. (Also available in decaf!) Assam and Ceylon black teas are unassumingly adorned with vanilla essence for a creamy treat. Safflower and blue malva flowers add a pop of color and touch of refinement. Simple satisfaction, every time.

Swap Townshend French Breakfast for Plum Deluxe Fog Cutter or Delightful Morning

For a black tea that is rooted in tradition but adds a touch of something new, Townshend’s French Breakfast featured Assam tea with vanilla extract, lemon verbena, honey, lavender, and clementine essential oil. Plum Deluxe’s Fog Cutter spotlights a traditional Irish breakfast blend with a citrus twist. A powerhouse of strong black teas – Assam, Ceylon, African, and Darjeeling – are united as one, brightened by a twist of lemon peel. Try it with your favorite black tea add-ins, or, if you’re looking to recreate that French Breakfast feeling, a sprinkling of vanilla sugar dust, a drizzle of honey, and a squeeze of lemon.
All you lavender lovers, try the same thing with Delightful Morning! The lavender and bergamot in the Earl Grey will perfectly substitute the lavender and clementine oil from the French Breakfast blend. Add in those sweeteners of choice to reflect your favorite elements of Townshend’s blend, et voila! Le thé parfait.

Swap Townshend Superberry for Plum Deluxe Easy to Be Green Tea

For a berry-charged green tea experience, Townshends Tea Superberry blend delivered with a mélange of blueberry, goji berry, strawberry, raspberry, elderberry, and hibiscus. If you are a Townshend’s Tea fan in need of a berry fix, try Plum Deluxe Easy to Be Green Tea. Highlighting many of your favorite Superberry flavors, Easy to Be includes blueberries, blueberry essence, raspberry leaves, and hibiscus. Rose hips and cranberries mirror the pleasant tartness of the goji berry and elderberry, while blue cornflowers add a subtle floral quality. Lovely with a fruity scone or berry-studded tart.

Swap Townshend Moroccan Mint for Plum Deluxe Citrus Mint Green Tea

A classic mint tea never fails to soothe and delight. Townshend’s Moroccan Mint tea with green tea and spearmint was a stimulating, revitalizing blend. If you’re missing that minty refreshment, brew yourself a cup of Plum Deluxe Citrus Mint Green Tea. Not only does it include green tea and spearmint, it also adds an invigorating spritz of citrus. Lemongrass, orange peel, and lemon essence bring brightness and energy to the cooling spearmint, resulting in a most enjoyable cup.

Swap Townshend Mango Mist for Plum Deluxe Smooth Sailing Mango Black Tea

If the taste of the tropics is what you crave, mango tea may be just what the doctor ordered. For anyone who loved Townshend Tea’s Mango Mist, check out Plum Deluxe Smooth Sailing Mango. Strong black and honeybush teas catch a wave of mango essence, buoyed by mango pieces and calendula. Fabulous iced or warm, savor the tangy sweetness as you sip, and let it whisk you away to an island paradise – though it’s always nice to come home to good ol’ Stumptown.
Portland tea lovers (and our friends in cities beyond), struggle no more in your search for tea like Townshend tea. Plum Deluxe has thoughtfully crafted, mindfully sourced teas that can be delivered right to your door. Choose your favorite blends today and take home the taste of Portland!

Erica Jolly

Erica Jolly is a born and raised Pacific North Westerner. Rainwater flows through her veins. She is a tea drinker by day, wine drinker by night, and lover of food, yoga, and rambling conversations.
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