Tea + Scone Flavors for Every Occasion

Tea + Scone Flavors for Every Occasion
Scones are a staple pairing with tea drinking, and for good reason. There’s nothing quite like a beautiful, pillowy soft scone with a good cup of tea. Scone flavors are diverse and wonderful; we think there’s bound to be a scone and a brew for everyone.

Most of us, when we think of the scone, imagine one covered in jam and cream. The plain scone, though humble, serves as a canvas onto which just about any topping can be added with great success (and smacking of lips!). Sweet or savory, add to your tea drinking experience by thinking beyond what you think a scone is. This is a treat you can get creative with!
The scone is an opportunity to highlight existing notes within the tea blend you’re drinking it with. Have hazelnut or cocoa flavors in your tea? Spread your scone with some chocolate hazelnut spread to enhance the chocolatey goodness. Sipping on a fruit blend? Or an Earl Grey? We’ve got you covered with our top suggestions for leveling up your scone game.
Get inspired for your next scone creation with this round up of recipes. We’ll help you find the perfect scone to serve up with your next cuppa.

Teas for Fruity Scone Flavors

Scones and fruit have been paired together, it seems, since the scone first popped out of the baker’s oven – for good reason. The neutral flavor of most scones allows the fruit to really shine. Add a dollop of cream and you’re set to go with tasty, fruity scone flavors.
Because of the sweetness of some fruits, be wary of pairing scone flavors with overly sweet blends. If pairing with a tea that is very sweet, dial back your tea sweetness accordingly. Another way to ensure flavor balance is to serve your scones with cream as suggested above. Whip your cream and allow it to stabilize your palate when going between scone and tea.
Unless you’ve got a major sweet tooth, then go all out!
Raspberry Lemon Scones – A twist of citrus and burst of sweet raspberries gives this scone something truly special. Pair with a cup of Raspberry Revitalizer Lemon Maté Tea for an uplifting experience.
Coconut Mango Scones – If you’re looking for a tea with a sweet and wholesome fruity infusion, Best Friend’s Advice Herbal Tea is the one to go for. Alternatively, make up a pitcher of iced “Smooth Sailing” Mango Black Tea and while away the summer moments. Cool and refreshing, add some honey dust to increase the fruity flavors.
Cherry Scones – These scones are bursting with flavor and a contrast of sweet and sour. The almond included in this recipe means these scones pair great with any nutty blends. I think the Portland Rose City Chai is a great accompaniment with its nut and spice notes.
Strawberry Scones – A container of these delightful scones is always welcome! With sweet strawberries and a light, fluffy recipe, these scones are a feast for the eye and the tastebuds. Balance the sweetness of these scones with a creamy tea such as our Vanilla Caramel black tea.
Apricot Chip Scones – An essential scone to have in your baking arsenal. Brunch, anyone? These scones are studded with beautiful apricots and chocolate chips for a truly delicious treat. Serve with our Self Care Blend herbal tea for a sweet and uplifting experience. Elderberry is excellent for promoting good immunity, so consider this a tea and scone that doesn’t just taste good!

Teas for Savory Scone Flavors

A relative newcomer on the block, savory scone flavors are not something you want to miss out on. These scones make for the perfect treat for morning tea, lunch, or afternoon tea – any time, really!
Savory scones pair well with teas that are predominantly black, without fruit notes. Avoiding fruit blends will keep your tastebuds from becoming overwhelmed. Opt for a strong black tea; alternatively, a green or white blend can add a subtle shift to the flavor of scones, without competing.
Sweet Potato Scones – This recipe will make you look at your yams in a new light. Sweet potato scones are spectacular golden in color and the perfect accompaniment to many dishes – or enjoyed on their own. Spread with chutney or with some melted cheese; the possibilities are endless. Brew a cup of Brunch in Paris black tea and enjoy!
Broccoli Cheddar Scones – Broccoli and cheddar cheese combine to make an amazing scone. Serve these up beside your next stew or enjoy by themselves for a tasty lunchtime snack. Brew up a pot of strong black tea like Fog Cutter Irish Breakfast with a hint of lemon.
Bacon Maple Scones – This recipe uses bacon and maple to offer a sweet and salty scone that’ll leave your mouth watering for more. The perfect side to a bowl of hearty soup, these scones pair excellently with our Heritage Blend Scottish Breakfast. Maple sweetness subtly uplifts the palate for a scone flavor soon to be a favorite.

Tea and Scone Flavors for a Birthday

Scones are an entertainer’s dream. They're quick to make (even ahead of time!) and a crowd pleaser and have earned their place on the birthday tables of countless happy celebrations.
If hosting a birthday party on behalf of someone else, consider their favorite tea blend. What flavors are predominant? In the style of a "signature cocktail," why not offer a "signature scone" in honor of the birthday person? Your guest of honor will be pleased to have a scone of their very own to offer guests. Need a party favor? Write down or print the recipe for the signature scone on special cards to give guests as they leave.
Want to be extra cute? Of course you do. Consider some alliteration: What’s the first letter of your birthday person’s name? Match the letter to your key ingredient in your scone. For example, "Sammy’s Strawberry Scones."
To get your creativity going, here are some recipes that are ready to go or be adapted!
Lavender Scones – One of my close relatives loved to wear lavender perfume. Now, the scent reminds me of her. If you’re hosting an event for a fellow lavender lover, consider offering up these unique scones that pair well with black tea. Want to use even more lavender? Some of our black blends, like Reading Nook, use notes of lavender. Lavender has a floral taste, and a calming effect. This may be just what your event calls for!
Chocolate Chip Scones – Chocolate scone flavors are among our favorites. This recipe is for a chocolate chip chai scone that will leave you feeling warm and comforted. It's perfect year round, but especially in the cooler months. Pair with one of our chai blends; my favorite is the Rainy Day Puerh.
Peach Cardamom Scones – A cross between the traditional scone and a scone cookie, these glazed scones will certainly make an impact on your event – in the best way possible. Sweet peaches are perfectly matched with fragrant cardamom in a scone with a difference. Try pairing these scone flavors with an herbal tea like Tranquil Peach for maximum deliciousness.

Tea and Scone Flavors for Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is a time for relaxing moments. For slowing down and appreciating. These scone flavors pair well with a brew you can take your time with. You won’t be able to stop yourself reaching for seconds.
Wondering how to make your scones more historically authentic? These recipes for proper English tea cakes will enhance your tea time.
Shape, flavor, and fruit combine for a uniquely Irish scone. These are delicious paired with a sweet topping, or even alongside a hearty stew for the savory-inclined.

Scone Flavors for Those with Dietary Requirements

Having dietary needs doesn’t mean you have to miss out on scones! Egg free? Dairy free? Gluten free?We’ve got you covered with our allergy-friendly scone flavors.
Many scone recipes can be adapted to be gluten friendly by substituting dry ingredients. Try almond flour in your scones for a gluten free scone recipe.
Eggless Scones – Did you know you can make scones without egg? No need to avoid these delicious, fluffy scones.
Dairy Free, Gluten Free Almond Scones – It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But this easy scone recipe delivers flavor without compromising on your health.
Vegan Banana Oat Scones – This recipe is a healthy alternative to traditional scones. Top with your favorite flavors and bite into tasty goodness.
Gluten Free Raspberry Scones – The fruity zing from these tasty, comforting scones is the pick-me-up we all need.
Grainless Scones – Grains can present a problem for digestion in many people. A denser scone, this recipe maintains great texture. We suggest serving with cashew cream and chia strawberry jam!
Gluten Free Blueberry Rosemary Scones – These gluten-free scones offer up the perfect blend of sweet and savory. Aromatic rosemary blends with sweet pops of blueberries for a scone that’ll become a fast favorite.

Decadent Scone Flavors

Sometimes we just want a scone flavor with something a little bit extra. These scones flavors are certainly not humble, and they’ve got lots to brag about. We’ve gone above and beyond developing these scones that deliver on the wow. Never underestimate the power of a good scone.
Red Velvet Scones with Cream Cheese Frosting – Make up a batch of these to have on hand when you’re in need of a tasty treat. Chocolatey and gooey, they'll bring a smile to your face.
Raspberry White Chocolate Scones – These scones will melt in your mouth. Best to enjoy them when still warm from the oven, when the chocolate is still soft.
Caramel Pineapple Scones – They knew how to make tasty desserts in the 1960s. These scones are inspired by the classic "pineapple upside down cake." Scrumptious!
Chocolate Zucchini Scones – Chocolate, zucchini, and blueberries may not seem like obvious pairings, but trust us on this one: This is a decadent chocolate scone! With a moist texture similar to chocolate cake, this is a recipe you’ll be returning to time and time again. Pair with a cup of Easy to Be Green Tea and sit back and enjoy.
The world of scone flavors is wide open. Most scone recipes are easily adaptable to suit the addition of different flavoring ingredients. Let your creativity loose and experiment with scone recipes, and you may just discover your new favorite scone flavor.
We think scones pair well with pretty much all tea, but if in doubt opt for a classic black tea blend. These reliable, faithful blends have accompanied many a scone across the years. They won’t let you down!

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