Tropical Green Tea: 3 Recipes for Refreshing Tropical Tea

Tropical Green Tea: 3 Recipes for Refreshing Tropical Tea

Craving an island getaway? Longing for white sand, sparkling waters, and salty breezes? Check out these three tropical green tea recipes and get a taste of the tropics!

So what fruits might you find in tropical green tea?

Pineapple, mango, coconut, pomegranate—if you might find it growing on a leafy tree in the tropics, you might find it in a tropical green tea.

Fruit flavors generally play together very nicely, so you can throw so many things together in combination, it’s hard to be fussy about it. Serve them on a fruit platter, throw them in a smoothie, or infuse them in your favorite green tea if it doesn’t already have them.

There are so many delicious and nutritious ways to enjoy tropical green teas and tropical fruits in your green tea, and this summer, you can experience them all.

The Best Green Teas for Tropical Tea

When you’re looking for a tropical green tea for your recipes, Plum Deluxe has got you covered!

Tropical Vacation green tea combines pineapple, coconut, and strawberry pieces and gently washes them in a wave of vanilla and fruit essences that will melt all your troubles away. Like the fleeting summer sunshine, it’s not available year-round, so make sure you stock up while you can.

Mango Apricot green tea, as the name suggests, blends mango and apricot pieces in a base of Chinese green tea. Apple pieces provide softness, a sprinkling of calendula petals provides nuance, and honeybush tea rounds it out. Fresh, fruity, and fabulous!

For any jasmine tea lovers looking to expand their horizons into the world of fruity teas, don’t miss out on Garden Grove. A signature cherry green tea accented with fragrant jasmine flowers and rose petals—the jasmine calms and grounds, tart dried cherries invigorate, and a dreamy whisper of vanilla essence soothes and comforts. A zen blend that makes a perfect healthy iced tea, a refreshing sun tea, and a delicious frozen iced tea.

Of course, you can never go wrong with a classic. Hope Blend is a simple, elegant green tea made with jasmine buds and blue cornflower. Lovely in any form, it would also make a gorgeous sparkling iced tea.

If floral teas float your boat, Abundance Blend green tea pairs the elegance of elderflower with the vibrance of passionfruit. Tropical, botanical, delectable!

And for a caffeine-free alternative, Dragonfruit Desire is a green rooibos herbal tea bursting with tropical additions. Mango pieces, orange and lemon peel, hibiscus and blue malva flower, and strawberries add a bounty of flavor with zero caffeine. Enjoy a restorative glass of homemade iced tea any time of day. You can even have your cuppa just before bed, and drift off to dreams of sandy beaches and teacups topped with little umbrellas.

Tropical Summer Treats

Whether you want a tropical treat for your tea, or you want your tropical tea as a treat, you have as many choices as there are shells on the beach.

These hummingbird cake scones have all the tangy burst of tropical fruit with the warming addition of baking spices. Crushed pineapple and banana add natural sweetness, walnuts add crunch, and cinnamon, cardamom, brown sugar and vanilla pack a punch of sweet flavor that is perfect to pair with tropical teas.

For an extra dose of tropical sweetness, try these caramel pineapple scones. A simple homemade caramel sauce comes together in no time as your fresh pineapple scones cool, making your kitchen smell absolutely divine! Finish it off with a glob of fresh whipped cream, and who cares what the weather is doing outside? Tropical breezes are all well and good, but true paradise is gooey caramel topped with whipped cream.

For more tropically inspired baked goods, try coconut lime cookies. They are rolled in coconut just before baking and toasted to perfection. Zesty lime in both the cookie dough and the cream cheese filling gives these babies a peppy pop of flavor that will have you singing "Put the Lime in the Coconut" all day long.

If your tropical tea table needs something other than baked goods, this strawberry-peach pico and pineapple pomegranate salsa are both must-tries. Serve them alongside a tuna taco bowl or a mango chicken and wash it down with your favorite tropical green tea.

Tips for Serving

Once you’ve chosen your tropical green tea and your treats, here are some fun tricks to take your teatime to the next level.

Whenever you make iced tea, you can use fancy ice cubes to add flavor and zazz! You could:

When using classic ice cubes, be sure to brew a nice, strong tea. You want to keep as much of those tropical flavors as possible, so a solid steep will start you off on the right track.

Cold brewing is a great way to beat the heat. You get an excellent depth of flavor in all of your tropical green tea recipes without having to turn on the kettle.

And since you are now an iced tea expert, consider hosting a tropical iced tea bar. Set out a variety of sweeteners like agave, honey dust, and fruit-infused simple syrup. Line up a selection of milk such as coconut, oat, or almond. Set out a fruit platter for guests to add to their drinks or munch as a snack. Round it out with some fun straws and little umbrellas, and you’ve got yourself a party!

If you really want to go all out, make it a Tiki party! Invite all your favorite people and serve up all your favorite tropical iced tea recipes with flair. Mahalo!

Tropical Iced Tea

  • 8 ounces strongly brewed or cold brewed Dragonfruit Desire tea (or tropical tea of choice)
  • Handful of tea ice cubes* (made from Dragonfruit Desire or complimentary tea of choice such as mango, strawberry, hibiscus, or pineapple)
  • Sweetener of choice, to taste
*Using ice cubes made from tea helps maintain the flavor of your tea rather than diluting it as the ice melts. If you do not have time to make ice cubes from tea, use regular ice cubes!
Place all ingredients in a glass. Stir well.

Tropical Green Tea Smoothie

  • 8 ounces strongly brewed or cold-brewed Tropical Vacation green tea (or tropical green tea of choice)
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup strawberries, chopped (4-5 large strawberries)
  • 1/2 - 1 cup pineapple
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk
  • Handful of ice cubes*
  • Optional: Handful of spinach leaves (for green color and added nutrients)
  • Optional: 1/2 cup additional fruit, if desired (possibilities include oranges, mango, peach, kiwi, fresh coconut, etc.)
*If using frozen fruit, omit ice cubes.
Place all ingredients except ice in a blender and blend until smooth.
Add ice, blend until smooth.
Serve and enjoy!

Fruity Jasmine Green Tea Latte

  • 1 and 1/2 ounces Hope Blend Jasmine tea (or jasmine tea of choice)
  • 8 ounces water
  • 4 ounces milk of choice
  • Handful of cubed pineapple, or fruit of choice
In medium saucepan, heat water and pineapple to a vigorous simmer. Allow fruit to simmer in water several minutes to impart flavor.
In mug of choice, pour pineapple water over tea leaves, keeping fruit chunks in the pan. Allow leaves to steep 2-4 minutes, as desired.
As the tea leaves steep, pour the milk in the pan (with the fruit), and heat over medium-high, whisking as it heats to produce foam and avoid scalding.
When the milk begins to steam, pour over your jasmine tea, reserving any foam. Stir to combine milk and tea. Top with any remaining foam.

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Erica Jolly is a born and raised Pacific North Westerner. Rainwater flows through her veins. She is a tea drinker by day, wine drinker by night, and lover of food, yoga, and rambling conversations.
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