Guide to Tea Enthusiast Gifts & Tea Related Gifts

Guide to Tea Enthusiast Gifts & Tea Related Gifts

So, you know your friend is into tea -- really into tea. But maybe you’re a tea layman, or it seems like your tea-friend already has everything they need. What kind of presents are best for these hardcore tea-lovers? We’ve got some ideas for tea enthusiast gifts and tea related gifts to bring new joy to even the most intense tea hobbyist.

Tea Makers and Devices

There are plenty of ways to brew loose leaf tea, and plenty of devices to make certain brewing styles easier or more fun. After years of heating water on a stovetop or in the microwave, an electric kettle can be a life-changing tea-making device. Control the water temperature, keep the water warm for multiple brewings, and heat the water faster than ever at just the push of a button.
Love tea lattes but don’t want to go to the coffee shop? A milk frother can be an amazing new kitchen gadget to open the world of tea lattes. There are lots of options for milk frothers, like this combination milk heater-frother, or this simple handheld frother. See devices like these put to use in this guide on making the best latte.
I’ve had great luck using tea pitchers with a built-in infuser for brewing tea or coffee, hot or cold. I can speak from experience that these pitchers can take a beating and stand up to daily use. Because they have a tight seal and a slim handle, they are perfect for fitting into a crowded fridge -- not to mention they come in a variety of fun colors.

Tea Sample Sets

I know it sounds obvious for a list of tea enthusiast gifts to include tea sample sets, but let’s narrow this down a little more carefully. Chances are, your tea-lover has already tried their fair share of tea samples, so getting a collection that’s a little more special might just be the perfect surprise.
I know the Christmas season is just past us, but it can’t hurt to plan ahead for next year, and nothing is more fun than an advent calendar themed just for your particular hobby, with 25 days of tea leaves and tea-related surprises. There are a variety of tea advent calendars out there, from hanging wall banners, to little box sets, to paper cones of loose leaf tea. When the season is right, check out Plum Deluxe’s tea-lover advent calendar or browse some more amazing tea-themed advent calendar ideas here.
For other hard-to-find tea, there is also the Plum Deluxe quarterly Plum Box. Not to be confused with the monthly tea club subscription (also a great choice), the Plum Box has a specially curated theme and includes teas, products, and surprises that aren’t in the regular Plum Deluxe shop.
As always, if you know your tea enthusiast’s tastes the best, build them a custom tea trio to help keep their tea cabinet flush with with their favorite flavors.

Teaware and Accessories

Despite the bursting shelves of my tea cabinet, I’m of the opinion that you can never have enough tea ware and accessories. It’s hard to go wrong with a quality travel mug that has a built in tea infuser that can be raised and lowered with the turn of a lever. There are even options for making matcha easily and on-the-go.
A tea cozy, whether cushioned fabric or crochet, can be a great tea enthusiast gift for colder weather. The cozy helps keep your tea warm and makes picking up a hot pot of tea slightly softer and easier on the hands.
Also, tea tins and canisters are a great way to store loose leaf tea to preserve freshness. There are tea tins in all kinds of styles: tins wrapped in kimono-patterned silk; clean, classic ceramic canisters; modern, brushed metal canisters; even tea canisters with characters and faces!

If you haven’t found the right tea enthusiast gift yet, there are still plenty of unique tea gizmos like this Teabag Buddy; shaped like a hat for your mug, it holds your teabag string and keeps your mug warm. Or a bombilla tea straw for drinking mate the traditional way. Or add a little sparkle to your cup with some a Rose Quartz Tea Infuser.
Now you can shop with confidence for any variety of tea enthusiast gifts and find just the right tea related present, no matter the occasion.

Alexandra Winzeler

Alexandra is an avid loose leaf tea drinker, her favorite teas being spicy chai blends. She enjoys trying new tea types and flavors and designing her own blends, drafting up flavor ideas and drawing tea labels.
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