Immunity Tea: Teas for Wellness

Just pick out an immunity tea, steep in boiling water, and take deep inhales and sips of the infusion to give your body what it needs to feel better. What makes a good immunity tea? Let's look into it.

When the sniffles start or my belly feels the ick coming on, I always reach for an herbal infusion to help me through. Herbs have so many wonderful abilities, they can help ease and shorten symptoms with loads of vitamins, anti-inflammatory properties, and immune-boosting properties. These wonderful plants are there to lean on in our time of need.

Just pick out an immunity tea, steep in boiling water, and take deep inhales and sips of the infusion to give your body what it needs to feel better. What makes a good immunity tea? Let's look into it.

Ingredients in Immunity Tea

While all teas can be soothing when sick or feeling under the weather, there are certain herbs you want to see in your immunity tea to help you get healthy. These herbs have specific properties that make them a powerhouse tool to reach for when soothing an ailing body.


Elderberry immunity tea is probably the most popular of the immunity herbs and with good reason! Elderberry is a great defense against sickness and can help cut down the length of an illness. It is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and full of vitamin C, which is great for boosting the immune system to keep us healthy. The taste is sweet and earthy.


Lemon is packed with vitamin C, making it an important ingredient in any immunity tea. In fact, one lemon contains over half the amount of recommended vitamin C needed in your diet. Vitamin C is a great way to boost your immune system. Lemons also have antioxidants that are anti-inflammatory as well as antibacterial properties.


Ginger is a spicy root that helps ease nausea, bloating, and gas. It also has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties. Organic ginger root is a warming herb, that helps get things in the body moving whether that be mucus, circulation, or digestion.


Rosehips are an herb packed with vitamin C. They are the seed-filled bulbs that are left on a rose bush after the flower falls away. The high vitamin C content, Vitamin E and B vitamins, anti-inflammatory properties, and antioxidants found in rosehips are a great combination to have in an immunity tea.


Echinacea is a well-known herb for beating the infections that spread from person to person. It helps our bodies by stimulating our immune system to fight off those germs. Echinacea in high enough quantities can cause a tingling in the mouth as you sip it, this is normal and just goes to show it's working.


Hibiscus is a bright red and tart flower that is bursting with vitamin C to help combat those germs. It also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties which have been used for hundreds of years in folk medicine to ward off illness. Hibiscus is a wonderful flower for keeping hydrated and tastes great with a tart, juicy flavor.

A spread of plum deluxe loose-leaf immunity teas shaped into a heart, accompanied by candles and a cup of tea.

Build Your Own Immunity Tea Kit

Where can we find a good, organic source for these herbs? Right in the Plum Deluxe shop! These teas are great to have on hand in an immunity tea kit for when an inopportune illness strikes.

Be Well Blend

Be Well blend is a great starter tea for your immunity tea kit. It's a black tea base, caffeinated or decaf, with orange, which gives us that vitamin C boost, and elderberries. It's a sweet and earthy way to nourish our bodies.

Strawberry Immunity Tea

Strawberry Immunity tea blends the benefits of elderberries and echinacea with strawberries and hibiscus for a sweet and tart herbal tea that is good both hot and iced. This tea is the perfect combination of immunity-boosting herbs for when you are feeling unwell or trying to keep your immunity up.

Tranquil Peach Herbal Tea

Tranquil Peach herbal tea is a calming blend of chamomile, peach, and vitamin C packed rosehips. Combined with our Citrus Mint green tea, lemonade, and orange blossom honey, Tranquil Peach herbal is the base for our Medicine Ball Tea recipe. The ingredients for this Medicine Ball Tea are great to keep on hand in your immunity tea kit for an easy, nourishing tea that helps when you're under the weather.

Tender Loving Care Herbal Tea

Tender Loving Care herbal tea combines orange, rosehips, lemon, sea buckthorn berry, and mango for a vitamin C powerhouse to knock that cold out. A refreshingly fruity blend, this tisane will comfort you without the caffeine, allowing you to rest and hydrate.

I hope you are able to gather some of these tea blends for your immunity tea kit to help keep you and your family healthy all year long. Remember to do your research into contraindications and consult your medical professional with any questions.

Close up of a heart decoration made from loose-leaf immunity teas, set to a backdrop of candles.

Mary Hadzimichalis

Mary is a creative kitchen and garden witch with a passion for tea. She lives on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland with her husband and three cats. Her baking, creating, gardening, and women's healthcare advocacy can be followed on Instagram.
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