Medicine Ball Tea: Starbucks Copycat Recipe

Medicine Ball Tea: Starbucks Copycat Recipe

Another nagging cold, cough, or run-of-the-mill hit-your-limit breakdown?

It happens to the best of us.

Those of us that push ourselves day in and day out. Those of us that are surrounded by other people, especially little ones. It’s no wonder the body hits its limit, and we find ourselves sick.

Our medicine ball tea recipe is one to keep on hand. (A.K.A. “Cold Remedy 101” under the section in the recipe book for go-to’s.) It’s peachy, it’s citrusy, it’s soothing, it’s sweet, and it’s just what you need to give your body that ‘ahhh’ moment.

The Teas Unite

This tea wouldn’t be absolutely perfect if it weren’t for our Citrus Mint green tea and Tranquil Peach herbal tea. The love affair I have with these combined stems from the individuality of each one.

Our Citrus Mint green tea is refreshing and dances on your palate with lemon and orange. There’s an essence of lemongrass and spearmint that makes your senses sing. The combination creates a perfect place for you to breathe in-two-three-four, and out.

Tranquil Peach herbal tea is hopping with its lively pineapple and peach flavors. What puts this one over the edge into tranquility is the addition of chamomile, rosehips, and lemon verbena. I am a sucker for this one at bedtime, as it's caffeine-free, and wraps up both flavor and calm into one cuppa.

What's in Medicine Ball Tea?

Wondering what’s so inviting and intoxicating about this medicine ball tea recipe? Let’s break it down!

First, who wouldn’t love the blend of peach, pineapple, lemon, orange, chamomile, rosehips, and a little spearmint? Please, give me some of that!

There is, however, more to the story than just the taste of this dynamic duo of teas. Fruits, such as pineapple, can help reduce inflammation and pain in the body.

Orange is a powerhouse of Vitamin C, which can aid in getting over those sniffles in a jiffy!

Lemon is a great detoxifier—it comes into the ring with both arms swinging. Lemon also helps aid in digestion and prevents oxidation. In other words, it has powerful antioxidant properties. It doesn’t stop there—there’s also Vitamin C and a potassium boost, all of which are needed when you’re feeling run down. We’ve wrapped lemon into both our teas, as well as a separate ingredient in this medicine ball tea recipe.

Lemongrass has antioxidant properties and can help to reduce inflammation and fever. Spearmint is a lifesaver when it comes to the powerhouse of amazing qualities. It fights bacterial infections, aids in digestion, helps to reduce stress, and tastes great!

What isn’t to love about the stars of our medicine ball tea recipe?

Please put your hands together for Citrus Mint green and Tranquil Peach herbal tea!

The Bees Have It

Yes, you read that right—the bees have it! They get a lot of things right, you know. Not only do they provide us with beautiful flowers through pollination, but they serve up a real sweet treat—honey!

Our Orange Blossom Honey Sticks are an amazing addition to any cuppa and are amazing in a variety of desserts as well. What I adore is their health benefits. Nearly endless—like all the way to the bottom of the honey pot!

Orange blossom honey is a light amber color and will be reminiscent of fields of orange blossoms—close your eyes and daydream. The subtle complexity this adds to your cuppa is divine!

This honey works to help your body combat free radicals and has antibacterial power. Minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, and potassium are also among the benefits of this sweet treat! I urge you to get your hands on some today.

Medicine Ball Tea Recipe

On your stovetop, or using your water boiler, heat up 8 ounces of water.
Put the 8 ounces of hot water into a large mug with your Citrus Mint green tea and Tranquil Peach herbal tea.
Steep for four minutes.
Strain tea leaves and set aside.
Meanwhile, heat the lemonade in the microwave, or on your stovetop, on high heat until it's steaming.
In a large mug, combine the tea and lemonade.
Add the fresh lemon juice and your Orange Blossom Honey Stick (or two) and stir to combine.
Feel free to add in that fresh lemon or orange slice, too!

McKenna Marek

McKenna is from midwestern Wisconsin and is the creative owner of Sweet Rose Desserts. She treasures time with her three children, savoring every moment, and the peacefulness of their home in the country. She enjoys baking, photography, and of course—time with friends over a shared pot of tea.
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