Cocoa and Tea: The Perfect Combo for Cool-Weather Sipping

Cocoa and Tea: The Perfect Combo for Cool-Weather Sipping

This time of year, one of the biggest, most important questions we hot beverage lovers face is: cocoa or tea? Well, we have a solution for that. Instead of using hot water or milk to make your cocoa, you can use freshly brewed hot tea! Trust us, tea and cocoa are not as strange a combination as they might sound.

Making It

Okay, so how does this work? The easiest way is to brew yourself a cup of tea, remove the tea leaves, and whisk in the hot cocoa mix. Another method is to put the cocoa mix in the bottom of your mug, add the tea infuser, and mix while pouring in hot water; let the tea steep, remove the infuser, then whisk again to make sure it’s combined. After that you can add any kind of milk or extra sweetener you wish.
The amount of tea or cocoa you use is entirely up to you. Do you want your beverage to be more chocolatey? Or would you like to have tea with a hint of cocoa? Change the proportions to suit your personal taste, and have fun playing around with it! In general, though, you’ll want to use one heaping teaspoon of cocoa mix for every eight ounces of hot tea.

Mix and Match

The next big question is: Which tea and cocoa will you mix? The possible combinations are practically endless, but here are some we really enjoy: Many of our seasonal flavors also mix amazingly well with cocoa. Try:
  • Pumpkin Spice Tea + Spiced Cocoa
  • Raspberry Truffle Tea + Traditional Cocoa
  • Winter Comfort Chai + Spiced Cocoa
  • Hammock Blend + Traditional Cocoa

To really up the flavor, stir in some raw creme honey like the ones we carry. Imagine what a chai blended with Spiced Cocoa mix and our Spiced Honey would taste like! Or what about Meadow Walk tea and Lavender Cocoa with some Blackberry Honey stirred in? With so many possibilities, you may never go back to “plain” cocoa or tea again!

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