Cloud in Your Cup: Unveiling the Tea Cappuccino

Cloud in Your Cup: Unveiling the Tea Cappuccino

Coffee may be the king of the cappuccino castle, but tea lovers, fear not! There's a dreamy beverage waiting to be discovered, often called "cloud tea" – the tea cappuccino. This delightful drink takes the classic cappuccino structure and infuses it with the world of fragrant teas, creating a symphony of flavor and texture.

What is a cloud tea?

Think of a tea cappuccino as a dressed-up tea latte. While a latte uses steamed milk to enhance your favorite tea, a cappuccino adds a layer of frothy magic. This luxurious crown of milk foam transforms the drink, offering a delightful textural contrast and a touch of creamy indulgence.

The beauty of cloud tea, or tea cappuccinos, lies in their versatility. Unlike their coffee counterparts, they're not restricted to a single flavor profile. Embrace the vast world of teas! Perhaps you crave a comforting Earl Grey with a touch of vanilla sweetness in the frothed milk. Or maybe you're feeling adventurous and want to explore a floral jasmine tea delicately balanced by a hint of citrus. The options are truly endless.

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For a truly celestial twist on the tea cappuccino, consider using butterfly pea flower tea as your base. This vibrant blue tea brews a stunning beverage that, when layered with frothed milk, creates a fun "sky and clouds" effect. Plus, butterfly pea flower tea boasts a mild, earthy taste that complements a variety of flavorings. 

Step by Step: Blue Sky "Cloud Tea" Cappuccino

  • Steep Your Blue Sky: Steep a strong cup of butterfly pea flower tea. We want a little less liquid in the cup to allow room for the foam. The vibrant blue color is a visual delight!
  • Craft the Clouds: Steam your milk to achieve a silky texture with plenty of microfoam using a high quality milk frother.
  • Assemble Your Sky: Layer the butterfly pea flower tea in your cup, followed by the steamed milk. Gently spoon the frothed milk on top, creating a beautiful billowy cloud effect.
  • Optional Color Play: For an extra touch of whimsy, add a squeeze of lemon juice to your tea before layering. This will transform the blue tea to a stunning pink, creating a "sunset sky" effect at the bottom of your drink.

TIP:  You can make this drink iced too!  Click here to watch.

Other Cloud Tea Options

If you don't like - or don't want - the butterfly pea flower tea, you can use any tea that is great with milk.  Personally I love the porch sipping pecan tea or any earl grey

Cloud teas are a delightful way to elevate your everyday tea experience. They offer a touch of indulgence without the heaviness of a traditional cappuccino. So, unleash your creativity, explore different tea flavors, and discover your perfect cup of frothy tea bliss!

Andy Hayes
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