Baby It's Cold Outside: 5 Winter Date Nights to Warm Up Inside

Baby It's Cold Outside: 5 Winter Date Nights to Warm Up Inside
Dreary winter weather got you down? Or worse, blustery sheets making getting out of the house not worth the risk of slip-n-sliding?  Fret not -- bucking down for a lovely winter date night at home is not a punishment.  It can be a fun opportunity, if you want it to be.
Let Plum Deluxe get your imagination going -- try some of these fun suggestions.

1. It's a Chopped Challenge

Have you seen the Food Network show Chopped?   Here's the premise:  Cooks are given a basket of mystery ingredients and forced to create a particular dish using/transforming each of the basket items.   It's a fun show to watch and learn about new foodie items as well as experience their creativity in the kitchen under pressure.
If you don't want to venture out, this chopped challenge concept is a perfect way to explore some resourcefulness in the kitchen.  For your meal, explore your cabinets and pick a few items (to keep it simple I suggest one item for each course). Take the pressure off and make this a team effort -- and Google is your friend in this project! Even if your final meal isn't the most memorable, at least you'll try some new flavor combos.

wine and candles

2. Wine & Word Games

If you don't have the attention span for an hours-long board game, I've got a fun word game for you to play, and I encourage you to pair it with a glass of wine.
Each of you needs a piece of paper and a pen.  Choose a word for the "theme" of your game and both of you write it on top of your piece of paper.  Some words you could try:  Beginning, Warm, Colorful, Home
Now, make a toast and pull out a timer (or the timer app on your phone).  Give yourself 60 seconds, and what you need to do on your own paper is write down all the words that come to mind that describe or relate to your theme word.  Don't hesitate, just write!  As many as you can.
Once the timer goes of, it's time to write a poem!  Pick someone to go first, and then each of you take turns reading a word off of your list. Think of it like a haiku -- get a rhythm going with the words back and forth, and see if you notice anything interesting about the words.
This is a great start to a night of writing and journaling, or other word games.  Our conversation starters are perfect for a night in!

3. Try a Change on For Size

If you're stuck at home, then it's a perfect time to try a change on for size, as I like to say.  Look around the house and pick out five things that could be different.  Maybe rearranging the furniture so you aren't bumping into the sofa all the time, or swapping around your artwork so your favorite pieces get some fresh perspective.
Don't make this an excuse to do housecleaning or tick off boxes on a "honey do" list.  The purpose of this activity is to be more mindful of the objects that surround you in your house. Also, just changing up the energy can invigorate you.

4. Candlelit Yoga

Yoga, even simple moves, are fantastic to support everything from mental clarity to boosting your immune system. There are thousands of free yoga classes on youtube.  But have you ever done a short yoga session with just candles or a fireplace?
Clear plenty of space and have candles out of reach of an outstretched arm or leg to ensure safety.  Keep the volume on your class low, or simply take turns calling out asana poses if you're both more seasoned.  Relax into the space of each other.

5. Hot Cocktails + Bucket List Dreaming

Last but not least, one of my favorite drinks to have on a winter night is a hot cocktail -- specifically for me, kahlua with some piping hot steamed milk!  (There are a lot of milk cocktails that you can do with steamed milk.)  Our tea is also great on a cold night, with or without a splash of something stronger inside.
I pair hot cocktails with bucket list dreaming.  That's simply spending some time dreaming about what kinds of things you want to create together.  Maybe it's a week in Paris, or buying a house, or adopting a puppy.  The more time/energy you put into envisioning your dreams, the closer you'll be to making them happen.

Andy Hayes

Andy Hayes is the founder and creator of Plum Deluxe. He authors our award-winning weekly email newsletter, The Blend and curates our popular organic tea of the month club.
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