What to Put in a Tea Gift Basket

One of the most heart-warming things to do for a friend or neighbor is to craft a delightful tea gift basket, chock full of goodies to brighten their day. There are tons of ideas we can use, so let's get into it!

One of the most heart-warming things to do for a friend or neighbor is to craft a delightful tea gift basket, chock full of goodies to brighten their day.

There are tons of ideas we can use, so let's get into it!

Baskets, Tins, Bowls—Oh My!

A tea gift basket can be as small or large as your imagination allows, and the container options are also as varied as can be. The container is a lovely re-usable part of the gift and so you might consider a classy ceramic bowl or a rustic wicker basket, depending on the season and occasion.

A tin or metal container is also a great holder for all the gift basket goodies. Even a clear or colored large, wide-mouthed Mason jar would do the trick.

Theme and Color

A great place to start with designing your tea gift basket is to pick a theme. Consider if the basket is for a specific occasion, or just for the fun of it. If it’s for a birthday, you can theme it with birthday items, like candles and balloons, maybe a cupcake sitting right on top.

Say it’s a gift of comfort for a friend going through a tough time. You might pop in a small stuffed animal and some tissue, or some cozy socks and a mug for a cuppa soothing hot tea. You might find some printable coloring sheets to include, a fun thing to share in your gift basket, rolled up and tied with some craft ribbon.

Color is king when designing a tea gift basket. A monochrome color theme creates a soothing aesthetic. Soft greens or pale blues, and sleek silvers are easy to coordinate and can be found in many tea gift accessories.

A multi-colored theme is cheerful and the color can be varied. Cloth napkins, crisp tissue paper, candles, mugs, and second-hand tea silverware, all lend their hues to an inviting gift basket.

A large tea gift basket stuffed full of goods such as fresh fruit, scone mix, tea towels and hand-written cards.

Teas for Your Basket

Of course, you will want to include some tummy-warming teas in your gift basket. One of my favorites is the Self Care herbal tea, featuring honeybush, elderberries, apricots, and marigolds

A caffeine-free tea, it has mellow flavors and is packed with nutrients. This tea pairs well with a hot bath and a good book. Elderberry—believed to help us tap into our inner magic—aids in expelling toxins, and apricot is believed to be one of the most healing fruits in nature.

Have a good idea what your friend likes? Take this tea quiz for them and we'll find just the perfect tea to put in your tea gift basket.

Not so sure what they like? We've got you covered with this sampler set that hosts all our bestsellers, they're bound to find the tea for them!

Want to sweeten the teapot a bit? Try out the mouth-watering Orange Honey Drops made from pure orange juice and raw honey. Sometimes you need one for your cuppa tea and sometimes you just need one to pop straight into your mouth! 

Snacks and Pairings

For a bit of baked goods love in your tea gift basket, consider taking a moment in the kitchen to whip up something yummy for your giftee to snack on with their tea, while savoring your thoughtful friendship. 

Plum Deluxe’s Traditional Scone Mix offers the perfect buttermilk dough base for adding in any of your favorite scone goodies, such as chocolate chips, blueberries, almonds, or raisins. Of course, you can bake the scones plain and then include a little pot of honey or jam to dress them up when ready.

If you’re a fan of the flavor combo of orange and chocolate, you might try this delicious scone recipe for Orange and Dark Chocolate Scones. The bright citrus flavor and comforting chocolate make for a really cozy and satisfying treat. 

Assorted things to include in a tea gift basket, including loose-leaf tea, a tea tin, strawberry jam and more.


And now — let your imagination go wild with how to fill out your tea gift basket. One of my favorite places to explore gift ideas is at a thrift store. Quaint teaspoons, well-loved tea towels that are ready for a new life, and unique small kitchen accessories are all fun finds in a second-hand boutique.

Tie together a couple of teaspoons with a soft ribbon. Tuck in some dried or fresh flowers. Include some hand-made note cards or a journal for creative writing. Let your heart lead the way when crafting your tea gift basket and your intentions will be right on target.

For beautifully curated tea boxes that you can simply click and ship to your friend, check out the offerings on Plum Deluxe, such as this Loose Leaf Tea Starter Kit. This gift box has everything the receiver needs to start, just add hot water! 

Putting together a wonderful tea gift basket can be as simple as one-two-three items in a container, or as elaborate as your imagination will allow. It’s the love that goes into it that makes it special to the one receiving it.

Am ornate teaspoon and pastry fork bound together by a ribbon.

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