Gift Guide: What To Get a Tea Lover

Gift Guide: What To Get a Tea Lover
Looking for ideas about what to get for someone who loves tea? You’ve come to the right place. There are lots of ways to answer the question of what to get a tea lover, from something simple like loose leaf tea or a mug, to fancy infusers and accessories.

One, Two, Tea!

You would be hard-pressed to find a tea lover who doesn’t love a surprise package of teas. Sometimes the simplest answer to what to get a tea lover is the best answer. Pick out a few flavors in a Loose Leaf Tea Trio gift set. Some favorites include the guilt-free sweet treat of Coconut Macaron, smooth and spicy Full Moon Chai, herbaceous peach Sage Wellness, or warming ginger Rejuvenation blend.
For a more unique tea experience beyond loose leaf, try Vanilla Rose Dark Tea cakes. Each heart-shaped tea cake is the perfect size to pop into a tea infuser and brew like you would loose leaf tea.
Keep your tea lover’s pantry fully stocked with a monthly tea subscription. The subscription delivers a variety of seasonal and standby flavors right to your door in a stylish purple package.
If this of your first time giving tea as a gift, take a look at some tips for gifting tea to make the experience the best it can be.

Be a Sweet-Tea

Perhaps the answer to the question of what to get a tea lover is something to sweeten their taste buds. Honey comes in travel-friendly sticks, poppable candy drops, or dreamy raw honey.
Beyond honey there are other tasty tea sweeteners like glamorous rock sugar crystals or sweet and nutty Maple Dust.
Don’t forget to include a new spoon to help mix the sweeteners into a mug of tea. Some ideas include the witty Just Keep Stirring spoon, the rustic cherrywood Love and Magic spoon, or the pewter Heirloom Heart tea scoop.
Learn more about the best sweeteners for tea to pick out the right kind of sweet treat for your particular tea lover.

Tea Infusers Everywhere

Any good loose leaf tea deserves a good tea infuser. Look at the variety of tea infusers out there when you consider what to get a tea lover.
In-mug infusers can come in a basket or “nest” style like the Victorian infuser or the Celestial infuser. Or infusers can be fully enclosed like the traditional tea ball or even this gemstone heart.
There are a multitude of novelty infusers to be found as well, shaped like a shark, sloth, owl, manatee, or even a little man enjoying the hot jacuzzi of you mug. This cat mug with a built-in fish infuser always makes me smile.

Gifts in the Theme of Tea

If your tea lover already has all the tea and infusers they need, it’s time to get creative in picking out a gift related to their hobby of tea.
A sunny floral tea rest can be used to hold a mixing spoon, or show off a scoop of dry loose leaf tea.
Make entertaining for a tea party more functional and stylish than ever with a nature-inspired tea towel and a bamboo tea tray.
The tea spa kit includes tea-infused soaps and bath salts and can bring the spa experience home with flavors and fragrances inspired by your favorite tea blends.
The world presents endless opportunities to use a tote bag, so get your tea lover a tea-themed tote bag to bring plenty of tea and accessories wherever they go.
Tea lovers come in many forms, so be sure to look for more specific recommendations in Gifts for Iced Tea Lovers, Gifts for Tea Enthusiasts, Tea Gifts for Students, and tea gifts for Christmas, Valentines Day, and Birthdays.
When giving a gift, we often say that it is the thought that counts -- and reading this list has provided plenty of food for thought toward finding the right tea gift. Be informed and inspired the next time you need to answer the question of what to get a tea lover and pick out the gift that suits your tea lover the best. Happy brewing!

Alexandra Winzeler

Alexandra is an avid loose leaf tea drinker, her favorite teas being spicy chai blends. She enjoys trying new tea types and flavors and designing her own blends, drafting up flavor ideas and drawing tea labels.
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