What Is Dessert Tea? (And How Do You Enjoy It?)

What Is Dessert Tea? (And How Do You Enjoy It?)

Have you ever found yourself inquisitively staring at that bag of tea thinking, "What is dessert tea?"

Is it filled with sugar, will it satisfy my sweet tooth, and can I pair it with my desserts? May all your answers be answered right here and right now. You've come to the right place and I'm happy to escort you along your (Willy Wonka) journey through the sweet 'factory' of dessert teas!

Dessert Meets Loose Leaf Tea: The Basics of Dessert Tea

Are you looking for that oh-so-elusive tea that tastes like one of your favorite desserts? A tea that satisfies that sweet tooth of yours without adding to the waistline?

Welcome to the wonderful world of loose leaf dessert teas!

What Are Dessert Teas?

In essence, a dessert tea attempts to mimic the flavor of a dessert. It can be sweet, nutty, floral, fruity, savory, and/or any combination of the above, depending on the desired dessert it's looking to mimic.

Green rooibos, honeybush, and black tea are all common choices when choosing a tea base for a dessert tea creation.

Green rooibos is naturally sweet, mellow, and light and a lovely choice for its lack of astringency that's often found in other teas, due to its low level of tannins. It allows the flavors of the fruits, nuts, flowers, or other essences that are added in to really come through.

Much like its name, honeybush is reminiscent of honey in its flavor. It's floral and comparable to green rooibos when it comes to its natural light flavor and adorning features. I really admire honeybush for its fuller flavor and (slightly) sweeter profile. It never misses the mark in my book!

After all this talk of light and delicate green rooibos and honeybush, one may think how black tea could compete? Oh, but it does!

Black tea leaves can really create a popular tea that is rich, relaxing, smooth, and a delicious treat!

You won't get that astringency that can be more noticeable with black teas (as long as you don't oversteep!) because of the addition of various nuts, fruits, and essences that are added when creating the best dessert teas.

Does Dessert Tea Contain Sugar?

Looking for a calorie-free, perfect cup of flavored tea, minus all the sugar?

Our dessert tea is exactly that!

In general, some dessert teas do contain sugar—it's important to check out the ingredients if it's a brand you're not familiar with. Some blends will contain sweeteners, sugar pieces for decorations, and artificial colors.

Dessert teas are sugar-free, and here at Plum Deluxe, they are hand-crafted, organic, fair trade, and delectable!

Of course, there are some health benefits of swapping out a dessert tea for that Snickers bar or Almond Joy. When you cut back on sugar in your diet you're helping your whole body. You can help reduce inflammation, stabilize mood, boost heart health, maintain a healthy weight, improve sleep, and decrease fat buildup.

A freshly brewed cuppa is worth every sip!

Do Dessert Teas Pair Well with Dessert?

Don't think for one moment that dessert teas are only to be enjoyed in place of dessert. They can be enjoyed with your dessert! They're a great palate cleanser for after a meal, with a wonderful taste and aroma.

A tea like our Fireside Chat is nice and smoky, nutty, and a bit velvety with its chocolate. It's great to pair with dessert as it doesn't compete with the sweetness of a dessert the way some dessert teas can. It has a bit of ginger for an added kick, and pairs nicely with a little milk or creamer to bring out the nutty and chocolatey notes. Lovely!

Buttery Shortbread herbal tea is a relaxing, cookie-in-a-cup tea that is also amazing to complement your dessert.

Wondering why?

This caffeine-free option has such a nice depth and fullness to it that it helps to bring out the flavors of your dessert, without overpowering it.

Our Carrot Cake herbal tea truly is exactly what you'd expect—carrot cake!

Since our Carrot Cake herbal tea is a bit more savory, it can truly be a great companion to the right dessert. With a few spices, coconut pieces, and pineapple it's sure to satisfy every craving. Get ready to relax and enjoy!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Naturally Sweet Teas

Not sure where to start? Here are just a few of our favorite dessert teas. If you already have an idea of what flavors you like, you can search through our teas and filter by flavor.

Strawberries & Cream Black Tea

Imagine...a dessert tea that wraps in delicate and floral flavors and nuances of rose, strawberry, and vanilla! It's packed with caffeine, so if you're caffeine-sensitive I'd keep an eye on the time of day. It's great when made into an iced latte, too, with that little extra creaminess.

Peaches n' Cream Oolong Tea

This Peaches n' Cream oolong tea blends together both black tea and oolong tea to create a gentle, sweet, and satisfying flavor. With real apple and apricot pieces hand-blended right into this recipe, what more could you ask for?

Heritage Blend Black Tea

There is something so enticing about this tea that drives me a little crazy every time I enjoy it. I simply want more! Perhaps it's the real Vermont maple syrup extract that's perfectly balanced and blended into Assam, African, and Darjeeling black teas? All I know is it's a favorite brew of mine!

Vanilla Sugar Cookie Herbal Dessert Tea

Calling all snickerdoodle fans!

Ready for a calming cuppa that reminds you of the perfect cookies? We've got it right here! Vanilla Sugar Cookie dessert tea is a unique blend of a lightly spiced and lightly sweet tea that hits the spot every time; a perfect balance of a little cinnamon, ginger, fennel, and some blackberry leaf mixed into a nice green rooibos base.

Chocolate Hazelnut Dessert Tea

Chocolate, nuts...what could pair better? Very few things in my book!

That's why Plum Deluxe created this charming Chocolate Hazelnut dessert tea. With real cocoa nibs and hazelnut pieces, the taste is spot on. What's better is that it's caffeine-free so it's an any-time-of-day option for you. If you feel like getting a little flirty with your tea, feel free to try adding in a bit of milk and some of our Deluxe Rock Sugar. It'll rock your world!

'Red Velvet' Chocolate Puerh Dessert Tea

I'm a lover of red velvet...be it cake, cupcake, or any other red velvet dessert. So, when this tea graced my tastebuds I was in heavenly bliss! It's smooth and dreamy, and what I admire about this tea is that you can adapt the flavor of the tea by playing around a bit with your steep time. You can even re-steep, as a bonus!

Coconut Macaron Dessert Tea

With bits of coconut and a hint of almond to complement the black tea and honeybush, this is a must-have in your tea stash! Try it with a splash of coconut milk, even—maybe a little sugar. Yum!

It's a Plum Deluxe favorite and I bet it'll soon be one of yours.

McKenna Marek

McKenna is from midwestern Wisconsin and is the creative owner of Sweet Rose Desserts. She treasures time with her three children, savoring every moment, and the peacefulness of their home in the country. She enjoys baking, photography, and of course—time with friends over a shared pot of tea.
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