3 Valentine's Gift Ideas that Go Beyond a Card

3 Valentine's Gift Ideas that Go Beyond a Card

Chocolates are sweet — especially if they're a surprise in the mail. But they're predictable. I'd like you to think better. I'd like you think bigger!

So no matter if you're treating your mom or grandparent to a valentine's treat, or putting together a care package for your neighbor (or your sweetie, of course), here are some things to think about.

1. Gift an Experience

While flowers fade and tasty treats get quickly consumed, experiences will be memories forever. Even if they are inexpensive, experiences are very impactful gifts that your valentine will be thrilled with.

But what to gift? Here are some suggestions:

  • Gift a class. Groupon and Living Social always have educational classes like pottery, paint nights, or even pole dancing!
  • How about a "dining experience" like a murder mystery dinner or something classic like cabaret. (Tip: Valentine's night is busy — your budget will thank you to go later).
  • Weekend getaways are a wonderful valentine's gift.

2. Gifts that Keep on Giving

Gifts that keep on giving is a cliche, but sometimes cliches are good. I'm biased, but our organic tea of the month club is a wonderful gift that can keep on giving for three, six, or even 12 months! Include our wonderful private community of folks, and even occasional tea drinkers will enjoy it.

The thing I love about subscriptions is that they're an opportunity to try things you might not think about otherwise. Other similar subscription-style gifts that you could consider are food/snack boxes, wine clubs, art boxes... and if your valentine lives with you, you can share the subscription as a continued conversation starter.

Overhead photo of a recyclable kraft paper envelope with two packages of tea sticking out. Next to it on a white wooden table is a glass teacup and saucer, a small plate of cookies, and an open book.

3. Gift Your Time

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Time is a more precious commodity than money. Consider a themed "quality time" gift to your valentine: a promise of a soup supper, a hike or walk and talk, or take them to their favorite museum or special place. You could volunteer your time to help clean, do household repairs, detail their car, or help fix their computer — whatever your zone of genius is, give it!

For the person that has everything they need/want, you can gift your time forward, volunteering at their favorite charity or helping out one of their best friends in a time of need.

No matter what you choose, here's the bottom line:

Chocolate and/or flowers are wonderfully fine Valentine's gifts, and gifting your sweetie something delightful on a day other than Valentine's is equally wonderful. But no matter what you choose, let's get back to thoughtfulness and utility. Life is so busy — we all have numerous commitments and responsibilities — so take a mindful moment and choose a Valentine's gift that's thoughtful.

Gift with intention over all else. Even if it's a simple card.

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