Three Elegant Prosecco Cocktails

Three Elegant Prosecco Cocktails
Prosecco is such a convivial drink, laid back and sprightly, the perfect thing for an alfresco lunch or a posh dinner. Especially as spring days warm up and you get your first chance to sip a glass of bubbly whilst sitting in the garden or on a sun-drenched veranda.
While Prosecco is lovely on its own, it also makes a fine base for some rather delectable and simple champagne cocktails.

Prosecco Mimosa

Sunday morning brunch just wouldn't be right without a cold mimosa alongside your Eggs Benedict or sausage frittata. Sunny and cheerful with its vivid orange hue, a mimosa is given a lighter feel when the champagne is replaced by Prosecco. Traditionally made with orange juice, a Prosecco Mimosa can also be delightful made with mandarin orange juice or beautifully red blood orange juice.
It would also be a welcome addition to a spring afternoon picnic. In fact, my first taste of Prosecco was on a picnic in Amsterdam. It arrived perfectly chilled in the saddle bags of a friend's bicycle, and was simply wonderful sipped under the shade of a sprawling tree while we visited for hours and noshed on olives, bread, and cheese.
You can give your Prosecco Mimosa an extra kick by stirring in a luscious orange liqueur or a drizzle of ginger wine.

Prosecco Mojito

Nothing says sunshine to me quite like a Mojito with its tart lime juice, refreshing mint, and hint of sweetness. Traditionally made with white rum, it is every bit as enchanting made with bubbly Prosecco instead. Simply muddle fresh mint leaves, lime juice, and white sugar in the bottom of a glass, then top up with ice-cold Prosecco. Such a heady mixture of deliciousness can't help but perk you up, especially if sipped by the side of the pool or in the quiet beauty of a garden.
Give your Prosecco Mojito an extra twist by swapping out the mint leaves for Lemon Balm, Pineapple Sage, or Chocolate Mint.

Prosecco Lilly Pilly Cocktail

With its clear, bubbly nature, Prosecco lends itself beautifully to all sorts of scrumptious additions. I like to add flavored syrups or liqueurs to give depth of flavor and gorgeous color. Ginger syrup with pear puree is exquisite on cooler evenings, while coffee liqueur and vanilla syrup makes a lovely grownup tipple.
I like to try more exotic liqueurs in my Prosecco cocktails, for they not only enhance the drink, but they also bring to mind images of far-flung locales and tropical isles. Try a lilly pilly liqueur from Australia, made from the tart, magenta berries of the lilly pilly tree, or prickly pear liqueur from Malta made from the spiny pink fruits that grow everywhere on that island. If you prefer stone fruits, try a cherry liqueur from Denmark or a plum liqueur from Hungary.
Or, better still, make your own from wild blackberries or the first white peaches of the season, then blend distinctive Prosecco cocktails that are a reflection of the fruits you love best.

Krista Bjorn

Canadian born Krista Bjorn has been traveling and exploring for over 20 years and loves every crazy, embarrassing, and wonderful moment. She's lived in Russia and Portugal and now makes her home in beautiful Queensland, Australia, saving her pennies for her next trip. Her food, photography and travel blog is Rambling Tart.
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