Caffeine-Free Favorites: Tea Without Caffeine

Caffeine-Free Favorites: Tea Without Caffeine
Some of the most soothing moments of my day are when I brew a cup of tea without caffeine. So supportive and comforting, a cuppa herbal tea clears the head of cobwebs and makes things right as rain. If you haven’t leapt into the world of tea without caffeine yet, let me introduce you to some of my favorites that hopefully, you will want to stock your cupboard with as well.

What is Herbal Tea?

Let’s take a second to review our notes on herbal teas. While most of us are familiar with the tea plant, Camellia sinensis: we get our black, green, oolong, and white teas from it. Herbal teas don’t come from this plant. Herbal teas are teas without caffeine that are more formally known as “tisanes” (pronounced TEA-sahns). They are often made of herbs, fruits, roots, and other plant parts such as dried leaves or stems. Tisanes are herbal infusions and are brewed like black tea would be, but the ingredients are different.

Tea Without Caffeine: Herbal Tea Blends

Herbal teas come in many tea-rrific blends, anything your heart desires, really. Take the soul-warming combination of pears and cinnamon. Pears & Cinnamon herbal tea was the landslide winner of a recent Plum Deluxe customer appreciation vote.
The combination of pears and cinnamon in an herbal tea makes for a healing brew. So simple, and yet so warming and comforting for both emotional and physical strife. This tea is wonderful with additions, too, such as cream and sweetener.
How about an exotic blend of turmeric and chocolate? Yes, please! Golden Cacao herbal tea offers the earthy richness and healing glow of turmeric tea. Its spice blend is similar to a chai mix, but with a tongue-tantalizing twist of ginger root, black peppercorns, aniseed, and fennel. The wonderful honeybush tea base is complemented by lots of cacao peel and pieces that create a delicious beverage.

Healing Herbal Tea

Tea without caffeine, or herbal tea, is often made from ingredients that are touted to have a variety of healing properties.
Take care of your health with the supportive Tender Loving Care herbal tea, or Tea-L-C. It’s a green rooibos tea with a blend of the best Vitamin-C-packed herbs such as sea buckthorn, orange, and rosehips. Sea buckthorn has long been used in herbal medicinal history. It’s known to be helpful in stimulating the digestive system, enhancing heart and liver health, and treating skin disorders.
Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise herbal tea is a tea without caffeine that has some of my absolute favorite healthful herbs in its ingredients. The complex flavor pairing of this tea with bergamot, sage, lemongrass, and mint, all expertly blended with both red and green rooibos, results in a beverage that is sure to intrigue. This blend takes well to a bit of honey and also makes a splendid iced tea.

Decaf Black Teas

Another fabulous option for tea without caffeine is to go decaf. If you are partial to black tea, you can get all the bold flavor without the caffeine by picking up a decaf version.
A familiar flavor is the Decaf Black Comfort Blend. I love a good cup of orange spice tea and Plum Deluxe delivers their special recipe in this tea that makes a classic hot or iced tea. Starting with a fresh decaffeinated Ceylon black tea with a wonderful vanilla aroma, and adding dried orange peel, top-shelf cinnamon chips, and just a pinch of clove and ginger, this tea has a gentle balance that will leave you feeling tranquil and revitalized. This tea calls for a bit of honey and a snuggly blanket.
Another popular black tea that comes in a decaf version is the Decaf Oregon Breakfast herbal tea. This selection is a favorite of the Plum Deluxe team and they love to start their day with it. The earthy base of black tea and honeybush tea helps center the mind. Zesty orange essence wakes you up and gets you excited about the day’s possibilities.
This blend also features hazelnut essence which you may know has awesome health benefits such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, as well as Vitamin E. In this delightful blend, you’re getting a truly refreshing boost of health in every cup.
There is a virtually endless world to explore in tea without caffeine. I hope you’ll try one of the teas above to start (or continue!) your tea adventures. For more helpful info on herbal teas, check out this post on herbal tea.

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