Quali-Tea Puns for Every Mood

Quali-Tea Puns for Every Mood
I love puns. Always have, always will. Puns as an art form – yes, I said it, ART FORM – often get a bad rap for being the “lowest form of humor.” Well, that’s just another way to say, “You look like a person that knows how to have fun.” My high school English teacher didn’t agree – but then again, she never laughed at my dangling participle jokes, either. Pretty sure her idea of fun was eating sauerkraut from the jar.
But you, dear reader, know a good tea thyme when you see it. You clicked on this post because you, like me, are a glutton for PUNishment. Here’s a collection of tea puns for every mood and steep.

Mood: When You Need to Rock

Many people have the incorrect assumption that all tea drinkers are cardigan-clad grandmas that clack their knitting needles to the hushed whistle of the kettle. But, hey, tea drinkers are thrashers, too 🤘🏽 We wear cardigans, clack our needles, AND headbang to Iron Maiden, thank you very much.

Mood: When You Need to Laugh

When a group of tea addicts start bantering, the party gets wild. Expect the jokes – and tea puns – to start flying.

Mood: When You Want to Sport P R I D E

Tea Puns and Tea Pride. Wherever you fall on the Tea Spectrum, you are steeped in love and support!

Mood: When You Just Want to Stir the Pot

Since tea was invented, people have been blowing off steam through the ancient pastime of juicy gossip. In fact, the Silk Road was the Twitter of ancient Asia.

Mood: When You Greet a Fellow Tea Drinker

It’s like a secret handshake, but punnier.

Mood: When You Wish to Impart Wisdom

People think we tea lovers are in a cult. Sure, yeah, there are tea ceremonies. And sure, yeah, we sit in a circle over steaming water. And sure, we collect a variety of rare herbs that we brew together in a boiling pot and – oh my god, am I in a cult?

Mood: When You Want to Party

Look, drinking alcohol and drinking tea really isn’t all that different. Either way, it’s possible to drink too much and then stay up all night.

Mood: When You're Feeling Enlightened

I’m all about cleansing the soul with the healing power of tea. It’s the Puerh Life.

Mood: When You're Feeling Introverted

As an introvert, this tea pun hits me on a cosmic level. Look, I’m sure your party is SUPER fun, but will your party have tea, cozy blankets, a pile of books, and a purring cat on your lap? If you answered "no" to any of the above, I’m off grid.
Also, I love chamomile AND chai. If the human body is made of 70% water, I think the other 30% is tea. Just sayin'.

Mood: When You Want a Stay-cation

Sometimes you want to sit around, lounge, and do absolutely NOTHING. And, you know what? You absolutely should.

Mood: When You're Feeling Flirty

It’s a story out of a rom-com: Two people are drinking tea in a hip, boutique café. Mid-sip, they lock eyes, and in that moment they just know – the barista made a mistake and they got each other’s order.
And there you have it! A tea pun for every mood. Use them well and show your former high school English teacher what fun really looks like.

Andy Hayes

Andy Hayes is the founder and creator of Plum Deluxe. He authors our award-winning weekly email newsletter, The Blend and curates our popular organic tea of the month club.
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