Stress Relief Gift Guide for Tea Lovers

Stress Relief Gift Guide for Tea Lovers

With gift-giving holidays fast approaching, and supply-chain problems prodding us to shop early, this stress relief gift guide for tea lovers can do double duty, helping us with our gift lists and self-care.

Plum Deluxe products are an excellent gift option for any occasion or circumstance. I have given tea and tea accouterments to thank work colleagues and to say “Happy Birthday” to friends. My inclination to send a Plum Deluxe gift may be strongest, though, when someone is struggling and stressed, to say “Hang in there. I care.”

Here is my guide for stress relief gifts for tea lovers—both current tea lovers and future tea lovers.

Stress Relief Gift: Tea

Tea provides stress relief in numerous ways and thus makes an ideal stress relief gift. The act or ritual of brewing and sipping tea is soothing. It takes a few minutes to boil water and a few more to steep tea leaves. We have to stop what we’re doing and wait. It’s a better-than-coffee break. While waiting, we get to anticipate the upcoming pleasure.

Tea is aromatic, and scents can be therapeutic. Tests have shown that rosemary, lavender, lemon, and peppermint scents can soothe stress, and it just so happens that these are also flavors used in tea.

Warm tea is soothing and iced tea is refreshing, so it works both hot and cold. And tea flavors are so varied that they are interesting to experience and contemplate—which is a great distraction from life’s difficulties.

We also have a choice between caffeinated teas (a moderate amount of caffeine), decaffeinated teas (a smidge of caffeine), and herbal teas (zero caffeine). We often think of low- or no-caffeine teas as the best choice to reduce stress, but some stress might warrant a pick-me-up for energy and focus.

As gift-givers, we can provide both. Choose your favorites, or choose from the top-selling and staff-recommended teas for stress relief.

Flavor Themes

Another way to select a set of teas for a customized stress gift is to build around a flavor theme. The following teas, herbs, flavors, and scents are associated with stress relief, relaxation, and sleep:

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Chamomile
  • Valerian
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon

Finally, dress up your stress relief gift for tea lovers with a tea towel wrapper. Bonus points if it’s printed with adorable pets that chase stress away.

Stress Relief Gift: Loose Leaf Tea Kit

If you know the gift recipient drinks loose leaf tea, then a collection of teas all by itself is a great stress relief gift. If the gift recipient does not already drink loose leaf tea, or you’re not sure, then you need to provide tools, as well, especially an infuser.

You can assemble your own kit from scratch, selecting an assortment of teas, an infuser, and maybe a tea scoop and mug. But if you have limited time or are overwhelmed by the choices, the TLC Care Package is perfect. Answer a few yes/no questions, and thoughtful order-fillers at Plum Deluxe will take it from there, even selecting what teas to include if you prefer. Personal service with warm thoughts, love, and care.

For more, and even easier, options, check out the Plum Deluxe gift sets which include a starter kit, gift cards, and the ultimate tea box with a selection of ten teas (yes, please!).

Stress Relief Gift: Loose-Leaf Tea Kit Plus

As you assemble your stress relief gift of yummy tea and necessary accouterments, print a batch of coloring pages, too. The fine-motor movements involved in coloring are proven to reduce stress, quieting and focusing the mind, lowering blood pressure, and reducing stress hormones while increasing feel-good hormones. Include some colored pencils or fancy pens, if you like.

A Gift that Keeps on Giving: Tea of the Month Club

For a stress relief gift that keeps on relieving, a subscription to the Tea of the Month Club will provide three to twelve months of delicious, stress-reducing sips. Plum Deluxe subscriptions go above and beyond the most thoughtful services, allowing for customizations to suit both gifters and giftees.

As the gifter, you can choose the time and length of the subscription, the number of teas, caffeine or no caffeine, and how the recipient receives the gift. The giftee, however, isn’t locked into your choices. She/he/they can easily alter the subscription.

Bonuses, Bonuses, and More Bonuses

Perhaps the best stress relief gift for tea lovers isn’t the tea or coloring pages. When you give a gift of Plum Deluxe, you’re giving the gift of a supportive and welcoming community.

All tea lovers are invited to receive emails with journal prompts and affirmations, to join social media groups, and to participate in myriad events, including a book club, Q&A sessions, crafting (or uncrafting) demos, and virtual parties. The Plum Deluxe Community Care page provides links to three-minute meditations, Spotify playlists, Giphy Games, and more.

Truly, a Plum Deluxe stress relief gift is far more than the sum of its parts. The recipient will be steeped in delicious, joyful, calming, feel-good experiences.

Jen Funk Weber

Jen Funk Weber writes for kids and adults about her favorite 184 things, including tea, Alaska (aka home), travel, nature, wildlife, gardening, embroidery, crafts, and puzzles (the kind you solve with a pencil). Her next book, Puzzler’s Guide to Alaska, hits shelves in spring 2021. Catch up with Jen at
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