12 Ways to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

12 Ways to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping out of our comfort zones can be downright terrifying, but taking those first steps can lead to amazing new friendships, experiences, and opportunities. All it takes is a bit of planning, a glimmer of inspiration, and a hearty dose of courage.

1. Volunteer at a Festival

Helping is a great way to get your feet wet when it’s time to step out of your comfort zone. It gives you something meaningful to do while you learn what goes into making a big event work. Whether it's a Renaissance Fair or Music Festival you'll meet people from many different walks of life and get to see and understand their passions while you help things run smoothly.

2. Play a Game

If you're athletic (or want to be) find a local volleyball, swim, or rugby team to join. Strengthen your body, learn new skills, and get to know people who will love helping you grow.

3. Find a Pen Pal

In this digital age, receiving a handwritten letter or brown paper parcel is like receiving a treasure. Find a pen pal overseas and exchange letters, traditional foods, favorite magazines, and postcards of your region.


4. Plant a Garden

Find your nearest community garden and secure a plot for yourself. Get to know your fellow gardeners and share tips and produce as you plant carrots and harvest tomatoes.

5. Join a Book Club

Open yourself up to the opinions and ideas of others by joining a book club or hosting a lit swap. As you read and listen, you'll have your own world views stretched, challenged, and enriched.

6. Attend a Class

Always been interested in World War II or wanted to get better at public speaking? Take a class at your local community college and increase your knowledge and experience while getting to know others interested in the same things.


7. Join a Tea Club

Celebrate your tea passions by joining a tea club where you can taste delicious brews, meet fellow tea lovers, and be inspired to take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

8. Learn a Craft

Embrace your inner artist and join a painting group or take a pottery class. Try knitting or collage, mosaics or wood-carving, until you find the craft that makes your heart sing.

9. Take a Tour

Community groups often organize tours to flower festivals or museum exhibits. Get a ticket to the next event and meet some lovely local people on the way.

10. Join a Reenactment Group

Immerse yourself in history by joining a reenactment group. Learn what people wore, ate, and did in the Civil War, Medieval Europe, or the Viking Age, and have a blast living in the past a few times a month.

11. Attend a Library Event

Watch a travelogue, attend a book signing, or learn about photography at events hosted by the library.

12. Attend a Community Breakfast

Many business, volunteer, and community organizations host monthly breakfasts with great speakers and delicious food. Buy a ticket, fill your coffee cup, and get to know the movers and shakers in your neck of the woods.

Krista Bjorn

Canadian born Krista Bjorn has been traveling and exploring for over 20 years and loves every crazy, embarrassing, and wonderful moment. She's lived in Russia and Portugal and now makes her home in beautiful Queensland, Australia, saving her pennies for her next trip. Her food, photography and travel blog is Rambling Tart.
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