12 Great Spring Teas to Enjoy Right Now

12 Great Spring Teas to Enjoy Right Now
Spring is just around the corner! With the warmer weather thawing your toes at last, it’s a great time to swap out those beautiful winter teas for something more in keeping with the season. Yes, this is the natural time for our floral teas, but floral teas aren’t the only ones you could be sipping as the weather warms. Here are twelve spring teas that include a broad variety of fruity, herbal, and floral teas.
For an added bonus (and a bit of fun), we’ve paired the teas in this list with a fun springtime activity. After all, spring is a great time to get outside after being cooped up over the long winter months. Enjoy!

Fruity Spring Teas

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy a tea that has been inspired by or includes fruit as an ingredient. As we leave winter behind us, the variety of fruit available for us to enjoy begins to increase. Celebrate the change of season with one of our refreshing fruity blends below. Fruity teas often have strong flavors which translate very well into iced teas, perfect to enjoy as the weather warms up.
Blackberry Mojito Black Tea. This tea is inspired from the cocktail of the same name and incorporates a refreshing lime and spearmint to the fruity notes. Perfect as an iced tea to enjoy with friends after a day spent at a local farm picking some of the produce.
Smooth Sailing Mango Black Tea. Spring can bring both crisp, cold mornings and beautifully sunny afternoons. You need a tea that is going to be as adaptable as the weather. Make this blend into an iced tea or enjoy hot after a stroll around a local park or a day on the water.
Raspberry Revitalizer Lemon Maté. With light caffeination and a refreshing and energizing flavor profile, this tea will help you tackle that spring cleaning you’ve been thinking about. This tea is a wonderful blend to enjoy first thing in the morning, whatever your spring day holds.
Magical Butterfly Herbal Tea. This tea uses the butterfly pea flower as its primary ingredient. Not only does this blend taste great, but the tea turns a magical blue color because of the properties of the pea flower. With a unique blend of berries and vanilla notes, this tea will bring a smile to any little (or big) people you’re entertaining this spring. Why not have a picnic outside with this tea and some scones? You might find the sky matching your cuppa!
Afternoon "High Tea" White Tea. Fruity pear and peach notes are perfect for springtime. They’re also flavors that pair well with scones and company! This spring, why not host a high tea of your own with some of your loved ones? Visit our recipe index for inspiration for your menu.
Garden Grove Green Tea. Cherries and green tea allow you to find relaxation at the bottom of your tea cup. Full of antioxidants, this tea is fresh and pleasant. If the weather is nice, get out in the garden and admire what is growing there. If you’re a gardener who prefers to admire rather than get dirty, why not visit a local garden? Or better yet, a friend's garden. You can both enjoy a cuppa together outside.

Herbal Spring Teas

If you’re searching for a springtime blend that is light and refreshing without the emphasis on the fruit or floral notes, consider the herbal tea range. These teas have been specially designed to offer a unique experience and wholesome flavors. Often, the herbs included in these blends offer additional health benefits, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the new season.
Meadow Walk Herbal Tea. Spring is the perfect time to get out in nature and go for a walk. Become a nature photographer for a day and fill up your Instagram with artsy tree photos and, of course, cups of tea. This rooibos tea has blended floral and fruit notes of blueberry, rosemary, and lavender to become your new favorite springtime blend.
Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Herbal Tea. This tea has a variety of herbs, including bergamot, sage, lemongrass, and mint. Refreshing to the palate and great for you, this tea is perfect for enjoying with a friend after that fitness class you’ve been meaning to check out now that the weather is better.
Wise Counsel Herbal Tea. Licorice, mint, and lemon combine to bring you a tea that is crisp and cooling (both physically and mentally). Invite a friend over and share a cuppa and life with one another.

Floral Spring Teas

Floral tea is usually what comes to mind when someone says, "spring teas," and while hopefully this article has expanded your view on what a spring tea includes, we shouldn’t overlook the floral teas. The delicate flavors of flowers are wonderful for relaxation. If you can find a spring garden to sip away your tea in, even better.
Portland Rose City Chai. Yes, this is a chai, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy this blend in springtime – especially with the floral and blackberry notes that elevate it to something to be enjoyed in any season. Inspired from the hometown of Plum Deluxe, this tea is a little taste of a day in Portland, Oregon. This spring, why not take a drive somewhere new? Or play tourist in your hometown. Fill a thermos with this tea to sip on as you and a friend take in the sights.
Reading Nook Blend Black Tea. A combination of rose, lavender, and chamomile makes this black tea blend pretty both in appearances and in taste! The small hit of caffeine will keep you turning the pages of your latest read. This spring, find a good book, a patch of sunshine, and curl up with this brew for a truly relaxing springtime activity.
Hope Blend Green Tea. This simple jasmine blend is soft and comforting. With some cornflowers and jasmine buds added for a pop of color, this is the perfect cup to sip on after a day spent in the outdoors. If the weather is warm enough, Hope Blend makes a gentle and refreshing iced tea for you to try.
So there you have it: twelve spring teas for you to try right now. Who knows? Maybe your new favorite blend is in today’s list.
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