Get Your Zzzs: Sleepy Time Tea for Kids

Get Your Zzzs: Sleepy Time Tea for Kids
Parenting is hard. Long days and even longer to-do lists reign while keeping your minim-e alive and thriving. Quiet moments at the end of the day could be your reprieve – if your little one will settle in, that is. There is hope, a little magic right in your cupboard! Did you know some teas can be beneficial and calming for your little ones? When you reach for your favorite mug of tea to unwind, pour a cup for the kids, too. Let's talk sleepy time tea for kids and reclaim bedtime for everyone.

Calming Herbs for Kids

Plants vary greatly and have their own unique superpowers, so we need to be mindful of what teas we are sharing. Stimulating caffeine is the enemy here, so stick to herbal blends for sleepy time tea for kids.


Linden refers to the sweetly scented flower from the linden tree. The blossoms and leaves are often dried and made into tea that is safe for children and the elderly. As a nervine, an herb that relaxes the nervous system, linden is used to promote sleep and ease anxiety for all. Plum Deluxe’s Slowly Unwind blend combines linden with elderflower, raspberry leaves, and fruit for a lightly floral brew that is sweet and fruity enough for kids to enjoy.


Most are familiar with a hot cup of chamomile tea to soothe the nerves. Chamomile is another nervine that is safe for children, as long as they don’t have an allergy to ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds, or daisies. The honey-like taste helps relieve upset stomachs, nervousness, and muscle cramps while gently relaxing. The apple-scented flowers shouldn’t be steeped for longer than 3-4 minutes for children, otherwise the brew will turn bitter and too strong. Plum Deluxe offers several teas with chamomile in the blend. I’d recommend the simple blend of chamomile and mint in our Cuddletime blend or Cozy Tranquil Dreams, a citrusy chamomile tea with the added benefit of rosehips.


Peppermint is a flavor that is familiar to many kids if they’ve ever had mint ice cream or a candy cane. While mint isn’t known to directly cause sleepiness, it is a good herb to have on hand for those little ones who always seem to get a tummy ache at bedtime. Mint will relieve all kinds of stomach discomforts. It is also good for muscle aches, headaches, colds, and coughs. Brew up a cup of Plum Deluxe’s White Chocolate Peppermint to help your little one find some comfort whenever they aren't feeling well. If you are looking for relaxing qualities as well, then pull out the Cuddletime blend, which combines mint with calming chamomile.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm is known as a happy herb, even though it also falls under the nervine category. Lemon balm smells like sunshine and tastes of sweet lemons, reducing anxiety while promoting a calm happiness. This would be perfect for the child that worries at bedtime. Calm Chamomile Bloom combines the soothing magic of chamomile and lemon balm with the gentle relaxation of lavender.


Sometimes you just have to have your cookies before bed. We’ve got you covered with two tea blends that taste like cookies with none of the jittery sugar high. Vanilla Sugar Cookie, which includes fennel and ginger to help to relieve any gas, bloating, nausea, or stomach upset, and Buttery Shortbread tea are both naturally sweet blends worthy of dessert.

How to Make Sleepy Time Tea for Kids

Some different steps should be followed when brewing up a cuppa for your little.
  • Make the tea weaker. Children are much smaller than us and require less herbs. Start with a very light tea, half a teaspoon per eight ounces of water, and see how they like it.
  • Cool the tea to lukewarm before serving it. Either plan ahead and let the drink cool, or steep a half cup and then add some ice cubes.
  • Absolutely no caffeine – unless you want a gremlin on your hands.
  • No sugar. Sugar is stimulating, and using too much sugar will undo the calming effects of the herbs. If your child needs a sweetener, try a little honey, which doesn’t raise blood sugar quite as quickly and has magnesium, which is good for relaxing muscles. Never feed honey to a child under the age of one.
  • Make it a moment. Set a calming environment with soft blankets and favorite stuffies.
I write as someone who grows and uses herbs with love; I am not a medical professional. Please consult your pediatrician with any questions before trying something new. If you want to read further on herbs for kids in order to gather information to talk over with you doctor, The Herbal Academy has a good article on herbs that herbalists generally find safe for children as well as dosing recommendations.
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