Secret Santa Tea Gifts: 5 Thoughtful Secret Santa Gifts for Tea Lovers

Secret Santa Tea Gifts: 5 Thoughtful Secret Santa Gifts for Tea Lovers
As the weather turns colder, it becomes the season for warm tea and the season for secret Santa gift exchanges. If you are tasked with finding a gift for a tea lover, check out these five thoughtful secret Santa gifts for tea lovers.

$5 Gift: Heart Infuser

Our first recommendation for secret Santa tea gifts is a heart infuser. This gift is only five dollars, so the low price can fit just about any price restriction rules your secret Santa trading might impose. The heart shape of the infuser is a pleasing novelty take on the traditional tea ball, guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Besides, a tea lover can’t have enough infusers. They can keep one at the office, one in their locker, or one in every room of the house.

$12 Gift: Handmade Ceramic Tea Rest

Our next idea for secret Santa gifts for tea lovers is a handmade ceramic tea rest. Starting at only twelve dollars, this gift can be used as a place to set your tea bag or infuser when it is finished brewing. Or it can be used as a place to set the spoon after stirring in milk and sugar. If it turns out that your gift recipient isn’t as much of a tea lover as they say, this tea rest can double as a kitchen spoon rest, or an attractive decoration for any desk or bureau.

$17 Gift: Tea Spa Kit

A mid-range idea is a tea spa kit containing a tea-infused bar of soap, tea-infused bath salts, and a package of loose leaf tea. Your Secret Santa recipient can scrub, soak, and sip their way through a relaxing evening at home. This is a great gift for a tea lover who feels they have already tried every flavor and style of tea. These spa infusions will inspire their love of tea in a new way.

$27 Gift: Tea Trio Gift Set

If you can spend a little more on your recipient, you might consider our next suggestion for secret Santa gifts for tea lovers, the Tea Trio Gift Set. This is a tried-and-true tea gift, great for any occasion. The set contains three one-ounce tea packages of your choice, a shapely wooden tea scoop, and a card with your personal message, all stored in a large muslin pouch stamped with one of several designs. Because you get to choose the flavors of teas included, you get the opportunity to customize the gift set to the specific tastes of your secret Santa partner.

$35 Three-Month Subscription to the Tea of the Month Club

Our top-tier recommendation for secret Santa tea gifts is a three-month subscription to the Tea of the Month Club. This will be a welcome indulgence for any tea lover; each month of the club includes a full-sized package of seasonal tea and a second sample-sized tea. You can even upgrade to a subscription with double the tea flavors if you choose. Beyond tea, being a part of the club also includes ideas for tea pairings and recipes, access to a friendly online community, and free shipping and discounts on the rest of the Plum Deluxe shop.
Beyond these gift suggestions, there are five dollar honey drops that can make any gift package sweeter. And as always, starting at just $10, a physical Plum Deluxe gift card is available. Or browse the gift section of the Plum Deluxe shop for the perfect secret Santa gift for any tea lovers you know this holiday season.

Alexandra Winzeler

Alexandra is an avid loose leaf tea drinker, her favorite teas being spicy chai blends. She enjoys trying new tea types and flavors and designing her own blends, drafting up flavor ideas and drawing tea labels.
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