5 Mindful & Inspirational Party Favors (No Make, No Bake)

5 Mindful & Inspirational Party Favors (No Make, No Bake)

Party favors are such a nice way to tell your guests how much you appreciate them.  But here at Plum Deluxe, we appreciate that not everyone has the time to handcraft artisanal French macarons and paint custom wooden boxes that lavish your guests with the feeling of luxury.  (Ok, I am exaggerating, but you know what I mean.)
Thus, no matter if you're having afternoon tea or a weekend brunch party, here is a quick roundup of party favors that you don't have to make by hand -- but still impart thoughtful inspiration and encourage mindfulness.


Food-Allergy-Friendly Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies aren't always food-allergy-friendly, and they're quite a handful to make.  That's why I LOVE these handcrafted keepsake fortune cookies.  You can just order stock, or have them do custom messages, but what's nice is they are very inexpensive so you can have them on hand to slip into gift packages. For parties I like to just sit them next to place settings or placecards.
(If you want to make your own messages, put them onto folded card stock paper and tape them to the bottom of everyone's chair.  Make a big reveal about the messages just before guests are getting ready to depart.  Very impactful!)

Pop-Open Messages

Compendium's pop open cards are just a must-have for me -- I love slipping them into thank you cards or sharing with friends and family.  They are small squares and they pop open for surprise messages and I've found the messages that people get are always the exact message they needed to hear.  Isn't that fun!  Save one for yourself.

Inspirational Bookmarks

I love bookmarks for party favors, mostly because I love reading -- and book readers always can use an extra bookmark.  Of course, you can put them in a book -- what a great gift! But bookmarks are a nice add-on for a thank you card, to slip into a bag if you're sending them home with cookies or a leftover scone, slipped into a letter, blank journal, or notebook.  I love these friendship-themed letterpress bookmarks, perfect for dear friends!  (We have a tea bookmark in our tea + books gift set.)


Little Blank Books

Speaking of journals, I LOVE the journal booklets from Scoutbooks.  Our Tea Moments Journal is definitely inspired by their work, and the sizing is just perfect for purses and pockets.  For giving as a party favor a blank journal is probably best, but consider adding a dedication into the front of the journal, saying what you appreciate about the recipient.  It's a quick and simple -- but just lovely -- touch.


A Plant-able Gift

Since we all now know someone who has a food allergy or food preference, how about a plant-able gift instead?  I LOVE the Seed Cards from Beau Coup; the paper actually has seeds in it and they can plant it and grow something!  Seeds come in both veggies and flowers; I love the idea of wildflowers where your guests can enjoy the anticipation to see what blooms.  You can even have your placecards made with seed paper.

Andy Hayes

Andy Hayes is the founder and creator of Plum Deluxe. He authors our award-winning weekly email newsletter, The Blend and curates our popular organic tea of the month club.
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