How to Increase Your Good Luck + Good Vibes with Stones and Charms

How to Increase Your Good Luck + Good Vibes with Stones and Charms
We've talked a lot lately about creating good luck in your life. What about being more lucky at home? You can work on your feng shui, but want something even easier? Get yourself some lucky stones!
All stones have a vibration and can be used intentionally to help us create balance, manifest, or shift our stories into that which we desire.
Stones/crystals will benefit your environment in two ways, bringing energy into your space and also working to dissolve negative energies. There are stones that can aid you in almost any desired outcome, be it harmony, grounding, or romance.


I could go into detail here, but I'd rather tell you what I’m using and why, and then let you think about what energy you want to call into your specific space.

Let’s Start With the Living Room

The majority of my days, I have a house full of children and multiple energies and activities going on. So you can imagine me wanting to be proactive about creating a supportive environment that promotes peace! I have two stones of choice that I use in this common area.
  • Amethyst to aid with harmony and protection.
  • Petrified wood for earthy grounding energies and helping to sooth emotions.

Moving On to the Kitchen

  • Rose Quartz is known as the “love stone” and “supreme nurturer.” It’s a great one to keep near your food supply and adds a special blessing while preparing meals.
  • Amethyst is also ideal for assisting with harmony at your family meals.
  • Selenite is known to absorb electromagnetic frequency; it is useful near any power supply, especially, TV, computers, and microwaves.

Your Office Space Can Benefit, Too

  • Geodes or crystal clusters will help with clarifying the mind and aid you with group work for projects.
  • Fire opal and orange calcite are excellent for creativity.
  • Pyrite is excellent for focusing the mind.

Now for the Fun Part: The Bedroom

  • Citrine is known as the “merchant stone” and is the ultimate abundance manifester -- who doesn’t want some of that?! I keep my citrine in the farthest left corner of my bedroom; according to the feng shui grid, the farthest left corner of your home is the wealth and prosperity corner.
  • Apophyllite is a very uplifting stone, good for angelic connection. I keep a piece next to my bed and find it soothing and supportive when I’m falling asleep.
  • Rose Quartz, again the “love stone,” is ideal for supporting or calling in romance.
  • Salt Lamps are also beneficial all around; they balance out the negative ions in any space and act as an oxygen purifier.

On the Go: Purse & Pocket Stones

I always have at least one or two stones with me at all times. Like I said before, they have the ability to serve us on an energetic level and help us deal with life's daily ups and downs with ease. I use my intuition to help guide what stones I carry, but here our some general suggestions:
  • Black Tourmaline for energy protection (great if you are sensitive).
  • Shiva Lingam to provide balance with our masculine/feminine energies.
  • Labradorite for protection and synchronicity.
  • Jasper for grounding and connection to earth energy.
  • Crystal Quartz for mental clarity and focused energy.
I always have a pendulum with me as well; I find it handy especially while making choices at the grocery store! While pendulum use is a whole article on its own, learning to use one can be a great practical resource.

Everyone's Different -- Find the Best Good Luck Stones for You

Every stone is unique and has its own crystalline structure.  While all stones are effective in their own right, the larger the stone usually promotes a larger impact! In acquiring your personal stones, I always recommend consulting an intuitive or someone who is educated on the stones and their purpose for direction and confirmation. Then follow your gut -- when you feel a connection to a piece, you know it’s in alignment!
Village Originals and Crystal Allies are two great places to shop for stones, but don't forget to search for a local shop where you can explore items in person.
Incorporating stones into your spaces can add not only vibrational benefits but beautiful decorative touches as well. I like to put stones in my plants, place tumbled stones and crystals in a copper dish on a side table, and use larger stunning crystals as a centerpiece on a coffee table or bookends on a shelf, just to give you some ideas.

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