Plan a Stress Free Ice Cream Date Night

Plan a Stress Free Ice Cream Date Night
Planning an ice cream date night with your love doesn't have to involve a trip to a crowded and noisy ice cream shop. Nor does it mean a night spent shouting sweet nothings over the rattle and clank of an old-fashioned ice cream maker.
Instead, aim for an evening of delicious relaxation, combining the very best ice cream with uniquely decadent toppings that heighten and delight the senses.

Set the Scene

Having a date at home runs the risk of distraction, and nothing ruins the mood faster than hopping up from a romantic tete-a-tete to tend to unfolded laundry or unwashed dishes. By limiting these distractions, it will be much easier to make your dessert and your partner the focus of your evening.
Turn off the lights and use candles to illuminate only the area where you're celebrating. Turn off the phone ringer and anything else that might yank you out of great conversation and delicious bites. If the weather is great, head outside and luxuriate in warm breezes and a star-filled summer night sky.

Keep it Simple

Buy the best vanilla ice cream you can find, something that is rich, creamy, and smooth rather than gritty with ice crystals. Quality vanilla ice cream pairs beautifully with a vast array of flavors and textures, allowing you to choose toppings that delight you both. It also lingers well on the tongue so you can truly savor every bite.

Go for Quality, Not Quantity

Rather than overwhelming the scene with a dizzying array of candy toppings and jars of sticky sauces, choose items that are extra special. Instead of chopped peanuts, offer hazelnuts roasted with thyme and sea salt or buttery Brazil nuts roasted with paprika and rosemary. Skip the squeeze bottle chocolate topping and spoil yourselves with a rich dark chocolate fudge sauce or a fruity syrup made from lychees, passion fruit, or blackberries.

Embrace a Boozy Twist

A date night is always better if both parties are relaxed, undistracted by the lingering stresses of the day. Instead of the traditional root beer float, make a scrumptious grown up version by using a luscious fruity liqueur.
Tart raspberry liqueur is an exquisite pairing with creamy vanilla ice cream, and prickly pear would also work a treat. If fruity flavors aren't your thing, float your ice cream in a sea of Irish Cream Whiskey, or give the old-fashioned syllabub a twist by pairing ice cream (instead of cream) with your favorite sweet wine.
Above all, relax, enjoy your evening, and have fun with your date!
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