Hey, Sugar: How to Sweeten Tea

Hey, Sugar: How to Sweeten Tea
Plain tea is good, but sweetened tea can be heavenly. There are so many sweeteners out there and so many possible combinations from natural to artificial to much more. Check out all you need to know about how to sweeten tea.


This is one of the most popular sweeteners for tea and can come in many different flavors. There is the common cane sugar that most people think of, but there are some other great sugars that can be used in tea. Brown sugars such as Demerara and Turbinado give rich molasses flavor and pair great with strong and spicy black teas. Another good sugar to use is coconut sugar. It is not as processed as regular sugar and has a nice coconut taste that will sweeten your tea to new heights.
If you want to know how to sweeten tea without changing the flavor dramatically, then rock sugar might be the one for you. The small crystals give off a hint of sweetness while letting the natural flavors of the tea shine through. It also adds a good aesthetic to your tea collection.
Plum Deluxe's vanilla sugar dust adds a little sweetness along with beloved vanilla beans. It is delightful in tea and gives it a little something extra. Try it in a chai or black tea and be ready to fall in love.


Honey will give you more for less. While it has various health benefits, it tastes delicious and comes in different flavors depending on what plants the bees harvested from. Some great honeys include wildflower, orange blossom, and clover. The powerful, sweet honey allows you to only use a little for an equally sweet flavor. Plum Deluxe’s honey sticks are perfect for any tea, and the orange blossom blend ensures that the honey flavor doesn’t overwhelm the tea.
Raw honey drop candies are also effective for sweetening tea and adding some fun to your tea routine. Plum Deluxe has honey drops in vanilla and orange flavors. Both are great for your tea and are delicious.
Another option is honey dust, a combination of dehydrated raw honey and raw cane sugar. It is the perfect mix that will sweeten your tea and add a little flavor. Bonus: It dissolves in iced tea just like regular sugar does.


Syrup is another great sweetener that tastes wonderful in both hot and cold tea, and there are also many different kinds to choose from. A common one is maple syrup, which obviously adds maple flavor and a subtle sweetness. For a mess-free version that also dissolves in iced tea (and is delightful sprinkled on baked goods), try maple dust. Made with maple sugar and organic coconut sugar, this warm flavor will melt in your mouth.
Another great syrup is agave, which has half as much of the glycemic impact of honey or table sugar. It is very sweet, though, so best not to add too much.


If you are need an alternative to sugar, stevia is a good replacement. While it only takes a little to effectively sweeten your beverage, it does give off an aftertaste that some find unpleasant and that can impact the flavor of your tea.
No matter what sweetener you prefer, there is something for everyone out there. You just have to keep looking until you do.

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