How To Make 2015 Your “Richest” Year Yet

How To Make 2015 Your “Richest” Year Yet
I love life and love living it to the fullest. I want the richest life possible. -- Richard Branson
We each have an amazing opportunity to make 2015 our “richest” year yet, a life not only filled with monetary abundance, but an abundance of love, joy, laughter, and experiences that allow us -- like Sir Richard Branson -- to live life to the fullest.
Here’s exactly how you can make 2015 your “richest” (in all senses of the word!) year yet.

Get Clear About What Rich Means to You

For some it’s a Ferrari and a wad of cash. For others it’s quiet contemplation, a richness of time coupled with no worries. Find your happy place when it comes to living rich. What does living life to the fullest mean to you?
Carve out some time to do a free-write about this rich living. Pour yourself a cup of tea, light a candle, and get comfy. Then, dive in! Don’t self-edit; really allow yourself to dream as big as you’d like and write about what living rich looks like for you.

See It & Feel It

After you finish your free-write, take some time to review what you’ve written. Go through and circle the items or aspects that really stand out to you. What feels delicious to imagine in your life?
Then, still in your cozy spot, close your eyes and allow yourself to imagine what it would be like to drive that Ferrari (or BMW as the case is for me!), or live in that home, or have all of that free time to nap, sip yummy tea, and imagine the life of your dreams…Oh wait, you’re already doing that!
You may find that you are already living aspects of this rich life. That’s wonderful! Allow those into your imagination and expand on them, letting yourself play out how abundant 2015 will be for you.

Bring It To Life!

Next, let’s get visual! You’ve written out what living rich looks like for you and let your imagination have its way; now it’s time to create some 3D images to bring your living rich year to life.
Gather up old magazines, or go online to the O Dream Board: Envision Your Best Life vision board tool where you can use images from your computer and the Internet to create a digital vision board.
I love vision boarding the old fashioned way, though, so feel free to try this option out. Invite some friends over, play fun music (think “Best Day of My Life” by the American Authors), put a few snacks out, and have everyone show up with magazines, scissors, a board, glue sticks, and their favorite bevy. Bring to life the images from your free-write and imagination through your vision board images. Hang your board up somewhere you will see it regularly.

Get Ready For Some Serious Magic

Open your mind and heart to allow this rich living vision you’ve created for 2015 to come into your life. Do this by following any and all opportunities to experience what’s on your board (and beyond!). I promise you, within very little time, you’ll start to discover items from your board just “randomly” coming into your life! Not sure you believe me? Well, I dare you to try it out and see what happens next…
I’ve been using this process for over seven years, and each year I am amazed as I take down my vision board from the year before and realize that the relationships, vacations (I have experienced the exact same scenes from my vision board on my vacations!), friends, food, etc. that were on my board were also in my life for that year. Some years are so abundant, I end up creating a few vision boards throughout the year because the rich living is flowing so effortlessly!
For bonus rich living, spend a little time every day with your cup of tea, in your cozy space, with your eyes closed and enjoy allowing your imagination to paint new pictures about what’s possible for you this year and beyond.
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