Four Movies for Teatime Entertainment

Four Movies for Teatime Entertainment
It's amazing how many movies use tea as a plot device or to set a scene. From love stories and rivalries to grand poetry and murder, many things have happened over a cup. With that in mind, we’ve chosen four films you might like to show during your next tea party, along with pairing suggestions.

The Importance of Being Earnest

Fake identities, misunderstandings, and overrun imaginations culminate in a hilarious misadventure that ultimately brings lovers and family together -- but only after some amusingly catty antics during tea time. In fact, quite a bit of this film (originally a play by Oscar Wilde) takes place over tea, so you'll want a good supply of it on hand.
Pair with: Diary reading features prominently, so you'll want some Reading Nook tea along with cucumber sandwiches. Also, English muffins and butter or devonshire cream, otherwise you'll be sad during the tea scene in the country.

Alice in Wonderland

No tea movie roundup is complete without Alice in Wonderland! I mean, that Mad Hatter's tea party, amiright? No matter which version you choose -- the classic animated one from the 1950s, the slightly spooky made-for-tv version from the 80s, or the more recent reimagining with Johnny Depp -- you're sure to have an eccentric sort of time, especially if you invite some friends to join you.
Pair with: Drink some Chocolate Chai Decadence out of super fancy mismatched cups while you decorate your own sugar cookies (make sure you use every kind of icing color and sprinkle possible). Wear hats.

Mary Poppins

Who could forget teatime on the ceiling -- the ceiling! -- during this whimsical musical adventure? This movie was a staple of my childhood, and I was always disappointed when laughter didn't make me float (I did, however, have fun feeding the birds). Enjoy it again over a pot of tea and ponder what, exactly, the creators of this film were smoking.
Pair with: An Earl Grey like our Mindful Morning evokes the feeling of a rainy day in England, while bright nibbles like Ice Gems and Battenburg Cake match the colorful animated scenes.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Chamomile tea ultimately helps save the day in this crazy comedy/horror flick that is completely different from all the other British-inspired goodness on this list. When a group of college students misconstrue Tucker and Dale -- two friends trying to restore a cabin -- for a couple of murderers, then accidentally start killing themselves off, things get... interesting. I guess that's what you get when you combine Alan Tudyk and the wilds of West Virginia.
Pair with: Um, chamomile, of course. Our Cuddletime Sleepy Tea features chamomile and will help you relax right into the madness of this movie. If the blood and horror don't make you squeamish, go straight for a big bowl of popcorn (colored red if you're feeling extra brave).
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