Featured Community Member: Paulina Thorne

Featured Community Member: Paulina Thorne

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 This is my husband and I at Tea during the Christmas season.
Name: Paulina Thorne
Where do you live? Born 81 years ago in Seattle but live in Portland Oregon now.
What’s your favorite Plum Deluxe blend, and why?

Oregon Breakfast because it made me think of English Breakfast which made me think of the infamous English Breakfast (fry up) So then I had to create an Oregon Breakfast to go with the tea. I substituted oysters for Black Pudding, crab cakes for Bangers, Shrimp and bacon for the other meats which I served over grits (very Oregonian) and of course wild mushrooms sauteed with lots of garlic. :)

Do you have a tea-time recipe you can share with us?

One of my favorite sandwich recipes is a tuna and cream cheese combo. I mix 1 or 2 cans of tuna with 8 oz cream cheese. Add 1/2 cup mayo, 1-2 T lemon juice,1/2 cup sliced olives and 1/2 cup chopped pecans. Have used other kinds of nuts or seeds.
This is always a favorite even with those who don't like tuna.

We’d love to see photos of your favorite tea ware! And/or, tell us a story about a special piece.

My soma yaki is probably my favorite tea ware. It is double walled so that the cups are easy to hold when hot tea is in them.

 These are little tea tags our daughter made so we could keep track of which pot belonged to which person. The cup on the stand is a somayaki cup. The place where they were made was destroyed during the big quake in Japan. I haven't heard if they will try to rebuild and try to make more.
Share a special tea memory or moment you’ve had.

I'd have to say most every visit to Pomeroy House in Washington and Tea and Tomes in Nye Beach was a very special event. The Pomeroy House was way out in the country with just a small sign by a road leading back to the house. Hardly noticeable but it was always full of people. They didn't use the 3 level tier trays for their offerings. Everything was served on just one plate and then a basket of scones in the middle of the table. It was so worth the long ride and long wait. They had a special menu for each month. I was lucky enough to get copies of the menus before they quit.

What book do you gift or recommend most often? Why? Can you share a quote from it?

I give Emilie Barnes tea books. If you enjoy cozy mysteries, aga-sagas or Tea Room mysteries you will enjoy Emilie's books. She tells all about customs, history, hints to make your event special and very easy recipes. Another artist/author I like to share is Susan Branch. She has done some wonderful features about Tea.

I make my own little sets of recipes which especially I like to give. They are so easy to do and so inexpensive!!

 Two pictures of the Tea recipes I like to give for most any event. I have special menus and recipes for Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Holidays. Michaels used to sell all kinds of Mary Englebreight cards that were just perfect for this project.

Thanks Paulina, we're grateful for having you in our tea community! The teapot tags are an adorable and terrific idea!

Ciaran Keast

Ciaran Keast loves art, semicolons, books, cats -- and all the tea, ever. When they're not posting tea photos on social media, you'll catch them at almost every Plum Deluxe event.
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