Creamy Orange Mar-tea-ni: Dreamsicle Martini Recipe

Creamy Orange Mar-tea-ni: Dreamsicle Martini Recipe

Dreaming of the perfect go-to drink to brighten your day? Hosting a party and looking to indulge your guests? I have THE drink to serve up!

It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s bright, and it’s perfect — let me introduce you to our dreamsicle martini recipe, made with our very own Hammock Blend. There really isn’t a better tea to complement this drink; it’s orange creaminess at its finest. We’ve stepped it up with a cream and tea blend made into ice cubes, and it might be the best part of this drink. Let your senses go wild!

The “Epsicle”

What I love most about the invention of the creamsicle, or dreamsicle if you prefer, is that it was invented by a kid. Yes, a child who was merely 11 years old; Frank Epperson was his name.

In 1905, this young lad was doing what kids do best, being creative. He was playing around with vanilla ice cream and trying to enclose it in a dreamy layer of frozen juice. Needless to say, he was successful. This invention was first known as the “Epsicle,” later called the popsicle, creamsicle, and dreamsicle.

As you may well know, nowadays this craze of vanilla ice cream and frozen juice hasn’t stopped at dreamy orange. In fact, there are quite a few flavors under the sun, including blue raspberry, cherry, lime, and even grape.

Ice cream truck anyone? If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area where one still rolls down the street with its music playing for all to hear, please run out the door as fast as you can and grab a treat. Be sure to eat it up before it melts!

What I cherish, as with all food culture, is the progressiveness of infusions; there is no limit on creativity and new ideas. Hence, our dreamsicle martini recipe! Time to get planning for your next get-together. We’ve got the drink menu taken care of, but what about some snacks? Read on to find out!

Dreamy Menu Pairings

Looking for a few fun appetizers to compliment your creamy orange mar-tea-ni? Look no further!

How about our Pineapple Pomegranate Salsa? Fruity, spicy, fun, and colorful, this salsa is sure to liven up any party! Serve alongside a bowl of fresh tortilla chips and you’re well on your way.

I also love a build-your-own bruschetta bar because I am always all about cheese, bread, and toppings! Bruschetta is light, flavorful, and easy, and the sky is the limit on cheese choices. As a “Cheesehead” (Wisconsin girl), I do love myself some cheese. Some great cheeses to start you off are fresh sliced mozzarella or an aged cheddar spread. For toppings, it’s good to have balsamic vinegar, diced fruit or veggies, and perhaps some pesto.

Last, but certainly never least, is a little grab-and-go dessert. I really love this shortbread cookie article that provides not one, not two, but three shortbread cookie recipes. Besides the melt-in-your-mouth texture and buttery flavor, I adore shortbread cookies because they pair great with so many things. Easy, scrumptious, and loved by so many. Lavender shortbread cookies anyone?

Creamy Orange Mar-tea-ni: Dreamsicle Martini Recipe

  • 2 tablespoons Hammock Blend
  • 1 and ½ cups half and half
  • 2 ounces vodka
  • 2 ounces Triple Sec
  • 1 cup pulp-free orange juice
  • Ice cube tray

Directions for Tea Cubes:
In a small saucepan, bring half and half to a low boil, stirring constantly.
Remove from heat and add Hammock Blend tea. Let steep for 30 minutes.
Strain tea, then pour contents into your ice cube tray. This will make 7-8 tea ice cubes.
*To remove tea cubes, gently run the underside of the tray under hot water for a few seconds. Place tea cubes into a freezer bag. Store in the freezer for easy grab-and-go!
Directions for Dreamsicle Martini:
Mix vodka, Triple Sec, orange juice, and 3 tea ice cubes into your glass or cocktail shaker.
Thoroughly shake/stir to help melt your tea cubes and chill your drink.
Pour all contents into a single drink glass.
Feel free to garnish with an orange slice or some whipped cream.

McKenna Marek

McKenna is from midwestern Wisconsin and is the creative owner of Sweet Rose Desserts. She treasures time with her three children, savoring every moment, and the peacefulness of their home in the country. She enjoys baking, photography, and of course—time with friends over a shared pot of tea.
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