3 Cocktail & Sparkling Water Soda Syrups We Love

3 Cocktail & Sparkling Water Soda Syrups We Love
I've talked at length about my daily fruit-inspired spa water drinks and, for the evenings, the infamous white wine spritzer.
No matter if you take your water fizzy or flat, or you're craving a creative cocktail, what about those times you want a little more of a flavor boost? Skip those cheap mixers and syrups you find at the grocery store -- they're filled with unnecessary sugars and chemical flavorings.

Instead, take a look at these three cocktail and sparkling water soda syrups we are loving right now. Each of them is free of high fructose corn syrup and is made with quality ingredients, not tons of fake chemical flavorings.

Raft Syrups

We love our fellow Portland small businesses, and that's why we are always quick to recommend Raft Syrups when looking for a Sodastream flavor blast or a unique cocktail base. Raft has a small, but mighty, lineup of flavors: hibiscus lavender, lemon ginger, and smoked tea vanilla. Because they use high quality ingredients, your bottle will last a long time, and their site features a ton of great cocktail recipes.


STUR not only comes in cute packaging, but these flavorings are simple and sugar-free -- they use Stevia for their sweetener. A family run company, STUR is active in giving back to the community and water-related charities. They've expanded their lineup recently from their yummy fruit flavors (strawberry watermelon and orange mango) to include coconut water-themed flavors that are superb thirst-quenchers.


Last but not least, Amoretti -- a purveyor of a variety of foodie ingredients -- has an expansive lineup of fun, delicious cocktail syrups and soda syrups. Your choices range from the simple (apricot, pear, pomegranate) to the decadent (champagne, swiss chocolate, Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean) to the delightful (elderflower, violet lavender, orange blossom). Even better for Amazon Prime users: you can purchase Amoretti syrups online with your Amazon prime benefits!

Read the Label

Next time you are picking up a cocktail mixer, soda syrup, or water flavoring, I encourage you to take a second and look at the nutritional information and ingredients list. If the ingredients include items you can't even pronounce, put it back on the shelf. And please, skip the high fructose corn syrup; all of these syrups are reasonably priced, easy to purchase online, and taste great.
Photos featured are courtesy of the manufacturer.

Andy Hayes

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