Citrus Tea Tasting Notes and Pairings

Citrus teas—think of bright notes that will awaken your senses! This citrus tea article is filled with everything you need and will want to know about citrus tea—from what they taste like to the vast array of teas Plum Deluxe offers.

Citrus teas—think of bright notes that will awaken your senses!

This citrus tea article is filled with everything you need and will want to know about citrus tea—from what they taste like to the vast array of teas Plum Deluxe offers. To top off your cuppa, I've included the perfect ending, which introduces you to the perfect pairings for whichever citrus tea or citrus teas you choose for your next gathering.

What is a Citrus Tea?

Never heard of citrus tea? Well, you're in for a real treat!

Citrus teas are not only bursting with amazing aroma and flavor, but they come in a variety of tea choices; green, black, and chamomile. Each has varying degrees of caffeine and flavor, which makes each unique.

Citrus tea is known for its recipe merriment of freshly dried fruit pieces, herbs, and spices. The result is a timeless classic beverage and a truly great summer drink—think iced!

What Does Citrus Tea Taste Like?

When one thinks of citrus tea, the obvious comes to mind—citrus fruit flavors. You're not at all wrong, but there's more than meets the eye!

Lemon and orange are known zests of citrus teas. These flavors provide an uplifting and energizing pep to your step. An added benefit is the vitamin C boost that's naturally included. Think healthy—think antioxidants. What's better than that with these scrumptious flavors that tickle the senses?

I can't think of a thing!

Mint, lemongrass, and even ginger are other herbs that are known to be found in citrus teas. Mint is refreshing and tantalizing. Lemongrass is a favorite of mine—think of a hint of lemon with a splash of mint. It's the best of both worlds. Ginger, when perfectly balanced, gives the most delicate sweet, and zingy flavor and is so appealing.

A closeup look of various Plum Deluxe loose-leaf citrus teas.

What Are the Best Citrus Teas?

Now we're getting to the best part! Wondering what teas we have to offer you for the best citrus teas around? I have a few I'd like to introduce; citrus bergamot tea, citrus mint tea, and chamomile citrus tea.

I'm sure one or two will hit the spot! Let's dive in and learn a little more about each one of these delectable teas!

Citrus Bergamot Tea

Our citrus bergamot tea, aka Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise herbal tea, offers you a complex, but beautiful layering of bergamot herbal tea, with just the right balance of sage, lemongrass, and mint. We balanced the bergamot with some lovely red and green rooibos to really complement these flavors, all while keeping this cuppa caffeine free!

I dare you to steep a cup on a day when you need a pick-me-up, need a brain booster, or simply want an infusion of flavor. It'll deliver on every single front!

Citrus Mint Tea

Citrus Mint green tea wraps into a tea everything it means to be called 'citrus.' This refreshing tea encompasses a Chinese green tea base with dried orange peel and lemon essence. The perfect essence of lemongrass brings these citrus flavors to life, while the dash of mint leaves you with a calming zen.

This tea is delicious hot, but it is also a showstopper when made as a cold brew. Looking for a little 411 on this? Hop on over to How to Make Iced Tea with Loose Leaf Tea to learn how to do this. It's worth it!

A cup of ruby red citrus tea, with loose-leaf citrus tea and mint displayed next to it.

Chamomile Citrus Tea

Cozy Tranquil Dream Herbal tea is a charming (I don't know what other adjective to use but this) tea that wraps us in its arms and says, 'Stay here with me for a while and love yourself.' Yes, a tea can and does say that!

Some of my favorite flavors are wrapped into this tea—rosehips, orange, and lemongrass. Who would have thought these flavors could pair so beautifully, but they do! The tart flavors found in the rosehips, orange, and hibiscus dance in harmony with the calming nature of the lemongrass, chamomile, and spearmint. The citrus melody of this tea will earn your bow.

Enjoy it any time of day when you need a bit of reflection or as an evening nightcap for the sweetest of dreams.

Citrus Tea Pairings

Are you looking to host a little gathering or perhaps a big gathering? Maybe you're simply looking to make a nice dessert or main dish for you and a friend to pair with one of your favorite citrus teas. I have some wonderful suggestions and directions for you as you embark on this journey.

Citrus teas take a little thought to work around with their myriad flavors, but they are so much fun to pair with, and there are a vast array of options to choose from when it comes to appetizers, main dishes, and (of course) desserts!

Looking for that impressionable appetizer to start things off? I have the perfect one to pair with a lovely citrus tea—I recommend the Citrus Mint tea. Cheese! Yes, all roads lead to cheese, but not just cheese; we're going to pair some lovely brie with cucumber and make brie and cucumber sandwiches. The soft and delicate yet crisp and fresh nature of these bites provides the perfect pairing to your citrus tea!

For your main dish, just as citrus teas are light in their complexity of flavor, think light in your choice of meat as well. Chicken is a great option to serve alongside citrus tea due to their more naturally sweeter flavor. Turkey would also be another great option. Perhaps a beautifully prepared chicken salad on white bread? This keeps all elements light and bright-complementing the flavors of your tea.

Dessert—can't leave this one out—it's always a favorite! One of my favorite flavors in a dessert is lemon. This is the perfect direction to go when it comes to harmonizing your tea and dessert. You could choose to make a sugar cookie, which is light, and for your glaze, add in some freshly squeezed orange and lemon zest. It'll truly complement your flavors!

Another option is to make a lemon scone or even an orange scone. Scones are naturally not overpowering in their flavor profile, but you can still incorporate the essence of whatever citrus flavors you'd like.

Perhaps you can even make a French macaron. These are one of my all-time favorite desserts! I have the perfect recipe for you; Lemon Macaron. The inside buttercream is made with a delightful tea that draws off of the citrus flavors we've been discussing.

You're armed and ready—enjoy!

A top-down close-up of a Plum Deluxe citrus tea, emitting a deep ruby red sheen and accompanied by a pot of mint and loose-leaf tea.

McKenna Marek

McKenna is from midwestern Wisconsin and is the creative owner of Sweet Rose Desserts. She treasures time with her three children, savoring every moment, and the peacefulness of their home in the country. She enjoys baking, photography, and of course—time with friends over a shared pot of tea.
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