Chai Syrup Recipe

Chai Syrup Recipe

The myriad of spices, the aroma, the flavor—chai is a well-loved, adored, and staple tea in my home! It’s always been close to my heart, so creating a chai syrup recipe that allowed for even more uses was a no-brainer! It’s simple, with only a few ingredients, quick to make, and offers endless uses!

Come along with me as we fill our hearts and homes with a little bit of chai love!

Chai Syrup Tea Options

Portland City Rose Chai Tea

This tea is inspired by Plum Deluxe’s hometown of Portland, Oregon. Infused with all of the wonderful chai spices, it also incorporates Oregon rose petals and blackberry essence. It’s fresh and lively—absolutely delightful!

For a fun twist on using this one, omit the vanilla extract and add almond extract.

You could cook a few fresh blackberries in with the water and sugar as it dissolves. This will give it an extra pop of blackberry flavor among the spices, which is sure to be pleasing to the senses! This chai syrup, featuring blackberries, is the featured recipe for this article.

Full Moon Chai Tea

Plum Deluxe’s classic, signature masala vanilla chai tea with a dollop of vanilla butternut extract creates a fusion of sweet creaminess, aroma, and vibrancy that is unparalleled.

Create a simple syrup recipe with this tea by following the exact recipe below. The balance of vanilla really draws on the natural essences already found in this blend!

Stargazer Caramel Maté Chai

Ready for a smooth, fragrant, rich cuppa—or syrup in this case?

This one is it!

This Stargazer Caramel Maté chai has a natural smooth flavor, coupled with a natural smokiness that is wrapped in layers of spices, fresh orange peel, and a splash of caramel.

If you want to make this syrup a bit richer, feel free to substitute the white sugar for brown sugar, in part or in whole in the recipe. Otherwise, it’s fantastic just as is!

Ways to Use Chai Syrup

Looking for some fun and fabulous ways to use this chai syrup recipe? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Feel free to add a little extra to your lovely cup of tea—of course! It naturally replaces the sugar you would add, and gives you a boost of flavor. It’s also fabulous in some coffee if you’re looking to make an iced coffee or simply liven up the morning joe! Am I right?

Feel free to try using it to make a hot or iced latte as well! You’ll just need your coffee base, milk, and your simple syrup! Whether you’re making this hot or cold will depend on if you shake it up and serve over ice, or warm and froth your milk, first. It’s really good, either way!

Ever think to try using chai syrup in desserts? It’s great on sponge cakes! How about over your ice cream? Give it a try!

I’d also recommend using this heavenly concoction on some pancakes or waffles one morning, or even over a bowl of fresh oatmeal.

So many wonderful possibilities!

This chai syrup recipe is simple, with only a few ingredients, quick to make, and offers endless uses!

How Do I Store Chai Syrup?

Wondering how to keep this yummy chai syrup recipe with you for as long as possible? (That is, if you haven’t consumed it all before you need to worry about this.)

You have a few options, so I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks to help keep your syrup fresh and on demand, so it’s there when you need it!

After you finish making your chai simple syrup, whatever you don’t use right away, you’re going to want to place it in a glass jar with a lid that will seal. I recommend a glass canning jar or bottle with a plug or cork—that’ll do the trick! You can store this in your refrigerator for up to three weeks. When you start to see mold growing on it, you know it’s time to say goodbye.

Another option you can do is to freeze your syrup. I, personally, love this option!

Just take an ice cube tray and add your syrup to it and freeze them until they’re solid, then add them to a Ziploc bag and store them in your freezer.

When you’re ready to use the syrup, you can place the cubes in a container and let it come back to room temperature, or you can use one to blend up in a blended latte or something fun!

An overhead view of a bowl of oatmeal with blackberries, a bottle of chai syrup, and a spoon of loose tea leaves sit on a white wooden platter.

Chai Syrup Recipe

  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons Chai tea of your choice
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract *may also use almond depending on your tea choice

Add your water and sugar to a medium saucepan.

Stir, continue stirring, and bring this mixture to a boil until the sugar is completely dissolved. Reduce heat and simmer for 3-5 minutes to help thicken the syrup.

Next, add in your choice of chai tea, stir, and let steep for five minutes.

Before straining, add in and stir your extract while the liquid is still hot.

Run syrup through your strainer to remove the tea leaves.

Use right away, or store in a sealable glass jar for up to three weeks in your fridge.

McKenna Marek

McKenna is from midwestern Wisconsin and is the creative owner of Sweet Rose Desserts. She treasures time with her three children, savoring every moment, and the peacefulness of their home in the country. She enjoys baking, photography, and of course—time with friends over a shared pot of tea.
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