5 Minute Quick Guide: How To Buy Tea Gifts If You're Not a Tea Drinker

5 Minute Quick Guide: How To Buy Tea Gifts If You're Not a Tea Drinker
The holidays are here, and with that comes the inevitable challenge to find that perfect “something” for your special “someone.” If your special someone is crazy about tea, but you think that Earl Grey sounds more like a character from Downton Abby than a warm beverage, we’re here to help! We’ve made it easy to buy tea gifts by compiling the ultimate guide of teas and accessories -- for all the tea lovers on your holiday shopping list.

The Avid Tea Lover

Some people live and breathe tea. They start their day with an English Breakfast tea, grab a chai latte on the way to work, round out their afternoon with a little teatime pick-me-up, then wind down with a sleepy herbal blend before bed.
If this sounds like the tea drinker in your life, then celebrate their undying thirst with a Tea Tasting Flight -- three single-serving tea samples that will allow them to explore new flavors and expand their already extensive repertoire. At only $5 per flight, it’s the perfect way to discover new favorites without breaking your budget.
For even more flavors, surprise them early with a Tea Lover’s Advent Calendar, a 24-day countdown to December 25 with 1-2 servings of a new tea every day.
Finally, round out their gift with a Gemstone Heart Tea Infuser to symbolize their undying love for all things tea.

The Novice Tea Lover

Maybe your tea lover’s fondness for a nice cuppa is a new-found passion. Your options are wide open when you buy tea gifts for someone who is just discovering the joy of tea, since they probably don’t have a fully stocked set of accessories yet.
Kick off their collection with a “tea starter kit,” beginning with the essentials. Start with a Tea Maker or infuser and a tea scoop so they can easily enjoy loose leaf teas from the comfort of their home every day! Add a special mug or tea cup that reflects their unique personality, and finish off the package with a signature Plum Deluxe blend chosen especially for them, to check every box on your tea lover’s holiday wish list.
Not sure which tea they might like? No problem -- we’ve created a tea quiz to help you out! Answer four simple questions about your tea drinker, and we’ll recommend the perfect blend to get you started.

The Tea Lover Who Deserves a Rest

We all know that person who is always on the go -- those wonder women and super men who manage to do everything expect take time for themselves. But never fear... tea is here! Nothing inspires a little rest and relaxation like a soothing cup of tea. For those amazing go-getters in your life, help them go get a well-deserved break by giving the gift of relaxation in the form of hand-crafted teas and accessories.
Invite them to slow down with a caffeine-free herbal blend, the perfect start to any de-stress fest. Try Slowly Unwind linden flower tea with elderflower, Cozy Tranquil Dream chamomile citrus tea, or Easy Like Sunday Morning chocolate lavender tea to really hit the pause button on life and enjoy a moment of calm. If your go-getter prefers black tea, they can enjoy the best of both worlds with No Obligations, a soothing roasted almond tea with cinnamon/hazelnut -- minus the caffeine jolt.
Your loved one can sink into serenity as their tea steeps, channeling the peace and quiet of a starry night sky, when you pair their gift with the Celestial or Cherrywood nest infusers.
Once they’ve enjoyed their quiet moment and are ready to get back to their busy schedules, help them keep track of their long to-do list with a Tea Note Pad -- a perfect reminder that they can take time to enjoy quiet moments even while they’re out saving the world, one “to-do” at a time.

The Tea Lover Who Could Use an Energy Boost

Tea is a wonderful way to start the day, and for many tea lovers it provides not only comforting flavors and enticing aromas but also a necessary caffeine boost. Just like many coffee lovers who can only speak in grunts and gestures until after their first cup of the day, some tea drinkers aren’t ready to face the morning until they’ve had their first life-giving sip of caffeine-laced liquid.
If your tea-lover could use an extra bounce in their step right after they roll out of bed, help them jump-start their day with an energizing blend like Uplifting coconut chai black tea, Raspberry Revitalizer Mate raspberry lemon tea, or Pick Me Up almond oolong tea with maple.
The “Just Keep Stirring” teaspoon will allow them to scoop and stir their tea while providing an encouraging mantra to help them psych up for the day as they wait for the caffeine to kick in.
If their feet are dragging a little too slowly in the morning and they need to take their tea to go, loose leaf tea filter bags are the perfect way to infuse a cuppa on the run.

The Tea Lover Who Has It All

If your tea lover already has every tea pot, tea cup, mug, infuser, teaspoon, and spoon rest one human could possibly use in a lifetime, don’t worry! The perfect tea gift is still waiting for them.
There’s nothing a well-equipped tea connoisseur loves more than a brand new blend to add to their library. And there’s no better way for you to make that dream come true than by gifting them a subscription to the Tea of the Month Club. Each month, a new blend of handcrafted loose leaf tea will be delivered straight to their door, along with a personalized message from you on their first shipment.
Customize their experience by choosing the amount of tea they receive each month (either one or two blends), as well as the length of their subscription -- ranging from 3 months up to a year. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!
No matter what kind of tea lover you have in your life, I hope this guide helps you buy tea gifts that will fit them “to a tea” this holiday season. Happy shopping and sipping!

Erica Jolly

Erica Jolly is a born and raised Pacific North Westerner. Rainwater flows through her veins. She is a tea drinker by day, wine drinker by night, and lover of food, yoga, and rambling conversations.
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