Birthday Gifts for Tea Lovers

Birthday Gifts for Tea Lovers

Finding great birthday gifts for friends and family year after year can be difficult, but finding birthday gifts for tea lovers in your life is downright easy with the following list of birthday tea gifts to inspire and delight.

Love and Magic ‘Tea Nest’ Tea Infuser Set

Add a little magic to your loved ones’ life with this charming tea infuser set. Sprinkled with hearts, moons, and stars, the handcrafted wooden frame balances beautifully on top of your mug or tea cup while the mesh basket fits cozily in the framed hole, allowing the tea lover to easily fill the basket with their favorite tea leaves without spilling even one in their tea cup.

Handcrafted Stunning Mayuri Teapot: Peacock

A simple electric kettle is handy for everyday tea preparation, but some moments call for a spectacular hand-painted teapot in the vivid colors and motifs of India. To celebrate a happy birthday tea in style, look for a teapot in colors your friend loves. If they have a favorite animal, such as a peacock or an elephant, or flower, you may find the perfect teapot that celebrates their personality.

Raw Honey ‘Creme’

Raw honey creme is the king of honeys. The whipped smoothness retains all the goodness of raw honey while becoming wonderfully dissolvable in a hot cup of tea or brilliantly spreadable over hot buttered scones or toast. With three varieties available, the birthday girl or boy will get to choose from blackberry, northwest clover, and luscious cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg.

Chai Cups

For lovers of chai, a special set of hand-painted chai cups will both delight and charm. Choosing a set instead of just one cup will allow them to share their favorite beverage with a crowd of friends in cups perfectly suited to the spicy, creamy goodness of chai.

Tea & Beverage Mix-Ins (A La Carte Herbs)

Flavored teas are always welcome, but sometimes it's fun to mix and brew your own. Give the birthday celebrant the chance to embrace their inner creative by giving them a delicious assortment of colorful and fragrant herbs that will add beauty and flavor to any cup of tea. Choose from a wide range of herbs such as hibiscus, elderberry, and lemon verbena, or go wild and give the whole kit and kaboodle.

Kitchen Tea Box

Teas store beautifully in dark canisters and sealed containers, but sometimes it's lovely to have a beautifully painted or carved tea box to store your fragrant treasures. Choose a stunningly crafted box that is also sturdy with a good seal so your friend's tea will be safe from dust, air, and pesky insects.

Muslin Storage Bag

Instead of wrapping birthday presents in wrapping paper that will just be scrunched up and thrown away, tuck them away in muslin storage bags that are eco-friendly in both the quality materials that are used and in how they can be used again and again to store all sorts of things that need protection from dust and light.

Tea of the Month Club

If you still can't find the perfect birthday gift for that tea lover who has everything, consider gifting them a subscription to the Plum Deluxe tea of the month club! They'll get an exclusive artisanal tea every month, plus lots of other fun perks and benefits (including a an active and exuberant online tea community). Who wouldn't love that?

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