Stay Awake: Discover the Best Tea for Studying

Stay Awake: Discover the Best Tea for Studying
Whether you love it or hate it, school can be exhausting. A long paper or all-night study session for midterms can leave you exhausted and in need of a pick-me-up. A quiet moment with a cup of tea can be just the thing you need not only to relax but also to reboot your brain so you can keep on going. Or, you can just be like I was in college and have to reheat your electric kettle three times because you keep forgetting you put it on. Whatever your study habits look like, you can benefit from fueling your academic exercises with the best tea for studying!

Tea with Caffeine

The first thing you probably think of when looking for the best tea for studying is the caffeine content. Many students pack their days so full of classes, work, and social activities that they end up studying late into the night -- or early in the morning.
The bad news is, tea doesn’t have as much caffeine as heavy hitters like coffee, soda, or energy drinks. The good news is, the caffeine in tea works with naturally occurring L-Theanine to give you energy without the “buzz” you feel with coffee or energy drinks.
It may be surprising for black tea drinkers to learn that there is a tisane (a non-camellia sinensis herbal brew) that provides more caffeine per 8-ounce cup than the strongest black teas. Maté, a bitter and earthy South American brew made from a plant in the same family as holly, is reported to have around 85 milligrams of caffeine per cup, while most black teas hover around 47 milligrams. For reference, an 8-ounce cup of black coffee has about 95 milligrams of caffeine.
If you’re experimenting with maté, you may want to check out some of our exciting and delicious maté blends, like our Stargazer yerba mate chai tea with hints of caramel, or the energizing raspberry riot lemon mate.

Tea as a Memory Aid

When you’re staying up late working on assignments for four different classes, it stands to reason that your memory will get a bit jumbled by the time you sit down to take that exam. Turns out, tea may be able to boost your memory as well! White and green teas in particular have higher levels of a compound called Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is known to stimulate the short-term memory and aid in the prevention of brain disease long-term.
If you’re starting to feel a bit foggy after page 27 of the 100-page reading assignment your professor gave you, try giving yourself a boost with some green tea, white tea, or matcha. Matcha in particular gives you a more concentrated dose of health benefits because you consume the leaves directly. If you love to experiment with flavor, try a cup of our premium grade matcha in flavors such as vanilla, strawberry guava, and blueberry.

Tea for Sleep and Relaxation

As hard as it is to achieve, sleep is incredibly important for your overall health and improving your brain function and focus. If you’re finding it hard to fall asleep after a long night of studying and staring at screens, you might need to take a quick break for some herbal tea before you head to bed. Chamomile is a pretty well known sleep-aid, as is lavender. Try our calming chamomile and lavender tea with rose to get a double dose of relaxation with a sweet floral finish.
As you gear up for another academic year, consider investing in self care by stocking up on some teas that inspire you. Not only does tea boost your energy and mood, but it can also provide physical and mental health benefits necessary to make it through the ups and downs of your education.

Elora Powell

Elora is a writer, comic-book lover, and all around geek. She loves pairing records from the 1960s with great cups of tea, and is currently becoming the kind of person that will ask you if you've ever tried Pu Erh.
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