Tea-Infused Hot Drinks, 3 Ways

Tea-Infused Hot Drinks, 3 Ways

On a cold day, there’s nothing quite so comforting as a hot drink to warm your fingers while it warms your insides. Traditional fall beverages include coffee, hot chocolate, cider, and tea. While these are tried and true favorites, sometimes it can be fun to mix things up a bit and create a totally new drink with all the comforts of the original.

Tea Infused Hot Drinks 3 Ways

Layer In the Flavor

Tea is a delicious way to add layers of flavor to hot drinks. Instead of brewing your morning coffee with plain hot water, try it with hot tea. Chai will give spicy notes of cardamom and clove while an after dinner tea such as hazelnut or caramel will bring luscious, creamy flavors to the brew.

Hot cocoa can be enhanced with tea flavors a couple of different ways. Infuse the milk by steeping it with tea leaves while it simmers over low heat, or simply brew the leaves in hot water before stirring in cacao powder. Peppermint tea turns ordinary cocoa into Chocolate Mint, while berry teas are reminiscent of chocolate-covered berries. Orange tea also works well with hot chocolate, as do any of the nut-flavored teas such as almond.

A creamy latte is coziness in a cup, and you can make an enticing concoction with tea just as well as coffee. Simply brew a strong cup of black tea, sweeten with sugar or flavored syrup, and top with steamed and frothed milk. Earl Grey is scrumptious made in this manner, especially when sweetened with vanilla syrup. You could also try a smoked black tea to make you think of cozy nights by the fire.

No matter which brew you choose, be sure to use the best quality ingredients you can find. They truly make all the difference.

Chai Spiced Coffee

Chai Tea Coffee


  • 2 cups water, just boiled
  • 1 heaped tablespoon coffee grounds
  • 1 teaspoon chai tea leaves
  • Optional: hot milk
  • Optional: sugar or other sweetener


In French press, place coffee grounds and tea leaves and cover with hot water. Let steep for 4 minutes, then strain.

Pour mixture into large coffee cup and serve immediately, or add milk and/or sugar then serve.

Tea-Infused Hot Drinks, 3 Ways

Mint Tea Hot Chocolate


  • 1 cup water, just boiled
  • 1 teaspoon dried peppermint leaves
  • 1 cup hot milk
  • 1 tablespoon raw cacao
  • 1 teaspoon real maple syrup


Place peppermint leaves in infuser, put in large mug, and cover with 1 cup hot water. Steep covered for 5 minutes. Remove tea infuser.

Add milk, cacao, and maple syrup. Stir well to combine and drink immediately.

Tea-Infused Hot Drinks, 3 Ways

Vanilla Black Tea Latte


  • 1 cup water, just boiled
  • 1 teaspoon black tea leaves
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla syrup
  • 1 cup hot milk


Place tea in infuser, put in large mug, and cover with 1 cup hot water. Steep covered for 2-3 minutes. Remove tea infuser.

Stir in vanilla syrup.

Froth milk with frother or whisk. Pour into hot tea and serve immediately.

All photos are courtesy of the author.

Tea-Infused Hot Drinks, 3 Ways

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