How to Host a Trivia Tea Party

How to Host a Trivia Tea Party

I have France on my mind. I’m taking a trip to France in May for a two-week vacation (squeal!). I can’t contain my excitement. Of course, this means I’ve been non-stop Googling info and reading my travel books on all things France. This made me think, what could be more fun than sharing an afternoon of learning with friends, serving trivia, tea, and treats? Hone your own knowledge of trivial facts by hosting a Trivia Tea Party with these simple suggestions.

Theme It Up

Your theme can go anywhere you want it to, so get creative. Maybe you want to do an 80s theme where your guests all dress in their 80s clothes. Or, try a more mysterious twist and consider a murder mystery tea.
My mom recently gave me some charming black-and-white, Paris-themed dishes. This reminded me that she had previously gifted me a deck of trivia cards about France facts (thanks, Mom!). Et voila! My French-themed trivia event was on its way.
If you don’t have a set of trivia cards, you can always make your own. Come up with a handful of questions about your theme that will create colorful conversation, and then craft your own playing cards.

Food & Drink

For my delightful afternoon get-together, I wanted to serve all French sweets, so I decided on some of my favorites: madeleines, macarons, chocolate-covered butter cookies, tea biscuits, and croissants with jam and honey. Macarons have become easier to find in my local markets, and I was lucky enough to score some gorgeous gluten-free varieties.
The light color and bubbles of Champagne were a must-have for my menu, so I served it in non-traditional glassware alongside my tea. As for the tea, Plum Deluxe’s peach-pear Afternoon “High Tea” Tea was perfect to enjoy with food, family, and friends (and trivia).
If you wish to add a savory item to your menu, you must try this recipe for Rosemary Fig Honey Baked Brie with Toasted Hazelnuts. The sweetness of the honey and figs pairs beautifully with the piney bite of rosemary, while the hazelnuts add crunch.


I was really feeling light and flowery for spring, so I dotted my table with white, metallics, and pastel colors, and arranged small vases of alstromeria, mums, and baby’s breath. I mixed in some black-and-white accents, like my monogrammed paper napkins, and the plates from my mom.
If you decide on a French theme like mine, you might want to check out your local thrift and boutique shops to scoop up some French decor before your party.

Let the Game Begin

Decorate your guests’ seats or plates with your trivia cards. As your tea time progresses, go around the table and have each person read a question out loud so the group can ponder and guess the answer together.
Hosting a rousing round of trivia and sharing knowledge (and some laughs) over tea and treats will provide you with an enlightening and fun afternoon not soon to be forgotten. Enjoy, and bon appetite!

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Tasha Standridge is a native Californian who loves animals, road trips, and quotable quotes. An avid observer of her surroundings, she writes about her thoughts on navigating life on her blog,
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