Tea for Two: Darling Dates for You and Your Sweetie

Tea for Two: Darling Dates for You and Your Sweetie
Want to do something unexpected with your date? Forget the tired old “dinner and a movie” cliché. Whether you’ve been together a long time or have just met, these tea for two date ideas are great ways to have fun and get to know your partner a little better.
Top photo shows two teacups and a teapot on a woven tray, sitting on a bench in a garden. Bottom photo shows two white teacups and a dish of chocolates on a red tray, sitting on a cozy crochet blanket.

Be Romantic

Light some candles, snuggle up in your comfiest blankets, and serve tea in bed or on the couch. Pair your tea with fruits and chocolate -- strawberries and white chocolate with Noble Blend green tea or oranges and milk chocolate with Mindful Morning Earl Grey tea -- or make it breakfast in bed with waffles and baked eggs. Don’t forget the flowers!
Make some Cuddletime chamomile to cuddle and watch a movie, listen to music, or play a question and answer game that helps you learn new things about each other.
Tea for Two: Darling Dates for You and Your Sweetie

Go Outside

Get nature in on your date by taking your tea out to the garden or on a picnic. If you’re packing a meal to take somewhere, try easy-to-eat salads and cookies that can be transported in Mason jars, and keep tea hot (or cold) in a thermos. For those with gardens or cozy backyard spots, serve up a caprese salad and fresh scones. Floral teas like Reading Nook black tea, Lavender Daydream white tea, or Evening In the Garden herbal blend make perfect drink pairings.
While you’re outdoors together, you can watch birds, plant seedlings in decorative pots, or take a walk through the countryside. If you stop to snog behind the rose bush, no one needs to know.
Tea for Two: Darling Dates for You and Your Sweetie

Be a Kid

Forget taking tea at the table -- drink it under the table instead! Bring out the kid in you and your date by building a fort under a table with pillows and blankets. Put out a “no adults allowed” sign and serve dessert-y beverages like Coconut Macaron tea or Comfort Cocoa in big mugs alongside shortbread cookies or lemon cream cheese cupcakes.
For even more kid-inspired fun, try painting with tea. Use various kinds of strongly-steeped green tea for greens and yellows, rooibos for reds, and black tea for browns. Trade paintings with your date and hang them up on the fridge.
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