Sparkly Apple Ginger Sangria for Wintertime Bliss

Sparkly Apple Ginger Sangria for Wintertime Bliss
Sangria takes on many forms lately, straying far from the traditional robust red wine and fruit concoctions that were born more out of necessity than pleasure. Today’s sangrias use exotic fruits and sweet liqueurs, but they all have common elements -- mainly fruit, wine, complimentary liquor, and something to give it a little sparkle. If you love spicy winter flavors, you’re sure to enjoy this recipe for Spicy Apple Ginger Sangria.

Let’s talk ingredients. Pour or place the following into your nicest glass pitcher:
White wine. The wine you use is a matter of personal preference. Because this recipe doesn’t call for sugar (the other ingredients make it sweet enough) some people like to use a moscato. However, I prefer something not so sweet, but not so dry. I generally make this recipe with a chardonnay. One bottle will do.
Apples. Slice two apples. I like to use a red and a green or yellow variety, because the contrast is pretty in the picture. The more intense the flavor of the apple, the more that flavor will marry into the sangria.
Ginger Brandy. One cup is all you need; this will give a nice kick to your sangria.
Apple Cider. Between the apple cider and the sparkling cider (we’ll talk about that in a bit) you won’t need sugar. Use one cup of your finest apple cider.
Cinnamon Sticks. Also a matter of taste and preference. I like my sangria to be a little spicy for this recipe, so I’ll use two or three cinnamon sticks.
Place the pitcher with all its wonderful ingredients in the refrigerator for at least several hours so the flavors marry. You might want to cover the pitcher so it doesn’t pick up additional flavors and odors from the inside of your fridge.
Just before serving, add:
Sparkling Cider. Every sangria needs a bit of sparkle, and for this recipe I like to use a sparkling cider. It doesn’t take away from the other flavors, and since you’re not using sugar it adds that element of sweetness. However, don’t add the sparkle until you’re about to serve your sangria so it doesn’t go flat. There should be enough room at the top of your pitcher for one full bottle of sparkling cider.
And there you have it. A spicy, comforting apple sangria. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also versatile: you can serve it warm or cold.

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