Mother's Day Tea Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Tea Gift Ideas
Mother's Day: A single day out of the year in which we choose to honor and love the women who give so much of themselves for us. How can we possibly reciprocate such love and devotion?
Whether she's your biological mother, step-mother, adoptive mom, bonus mom, or simply a wonderful woman who encourages and inspires you, tea is the perfect Mother's Day gift for almost everyone.
For the purpose of simplicity, I will use the term “mom” to mean anyone you choose to celebrate on Mother's Day.

How to Choose the Right Mother's Day Tea

If your mom is a tea drinker and you are not, you may want some help in selecting a specific tea.
The easiest way to find out what she likes is simply to open the cabinet and see what's there. If she's an avid tea drinker, she would be happy to talk your ear off about tea at the slightest suggestion from you.
Why do you drink so much tea? What do you like about tea? What's the difference between these teas? She might even start talking about the plants, so just hang on! However you get to it, take notes.
Plum Deluxe has a large variety of teas to suit every taste and likely has a variation on something Mom already loves.
In fact, the options may be overwhelming if you aren't as familiar with tea. So to make it even easier, you can take the Plum Deluxe Tea Quiz to help you narrow it down. After 4 questions, you'll see a list of 12 suggestions. Use these as a place to start or just order from that list and set off on your way.

Mother's Day Tea Gift Sets

More is not always better...except when it comes to tea!
Instead of getting one ounce of tea, why not get Mom a sampler gift set or a starter kit?
If you know what she likes or would like to select your options, you can design your own gift set. Not only do you get to pick how many teas and what flavors to include but also whether or not to include an infuser, a scoop for the loose leaf tea, and honey sticks.
Too many decisions to make? In that case, I definitely recommend the starter kit. It includes the same items as the “design your own gift set” but you automatically get all of the options instead of having to choose whether or not to include each item.
Loose leaf tea is far superior to tea bags in both taste and quality. So if Mom has a huge stash of tea bags, the starter kit is a great Mother's Day tea gift since it has everything she'll need to steep loose leaf tea. You can select a flavor of tea she already loves, but it will taste so much better.
If you're snooping around and you find that overstuffed drawer or box full of all the tea-looking paraphernalia, this is a good sign that Mom probably doesn't need another scoop, infuser, or strainer.
Even though she wouldn't turn such things away, you might opt for the Taste the World of Tea Sampler instead. She'll get ten different teas to try – and a flavor travel experience, too.

The Mother's Day Tea Gift that Lasts All Year

Some moms are adventurous with their food and like to try new flavors.
If this sounds like her and you want to love on her for more than just one day, consider getting her a subscription to the Tea of the Month Club. These are teas that are not available in our regular tea shop so she'll be at the forefront of new flavors.
You pick whether you would like Mom to receive one or two teas a month for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months, enter Mom's address, checkout, then sit back and let Plum Deluxe do the rest! We do all the work by picking the specific tea and making adjustments if Mom prefers no caffeine or is allergic to an ingredient.
It's often said that there is comfort in every cup of tea. So while we all know we can never thank Mom enough for all she's done for us, we can send her a moment of peace and comfort to show her we love her, one delicious cup of tea at a time.

Jesse McDonald

Jesse is a photographer and author currently living Jacksonville, FL, or wherever the Marine Corps sends her family. Her favorite thing to do is have tea with the most amazing little toddler the world has ever known.
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