Be More Successful by Visualizing Your Previous Triumphs with a "Jar of Success"

Be More Successful by Visualizing Your Previous Triumphs with a "Jar of Success"
When I talked about being more lucky last month, you probably noticed a key component of that exercise was visualizing luck coming into your life.  I've got another visual exercise that can help you be more successful, thanks to my friend Kari Chapin.
She made for me a 'jar of success' and I've found it an amazing practice to acknowledge & appreciate my past successes; seeing all those accomplishments builds up our confidence, which helps you attract more success and "go for it" on all those big goals you're aiming for.

How to Make a Jar Of Success

Here's what you'll need to get started:
  • 1 good-sized jar. You want room for a lot of success! I suggest a fun looking jar -- mine is green (see below), for money and luck.  Maybe get a jar with a lid, in case it gets knocked over.
  • Decorations for your jar. Colored markers, stickers, paper, and tape to create the label, plus any other adornment you want.  You can keep this as elaborate or as simple as you want it.
  • Small strips of paper to record your successes.  I suggest a few different colors; you can cut up some post it notes, or pieces of construction paper; some plain white paper strips are great too.
  • A couple of fun pens or pencils. Maybe a gold pen or a black pen, but something that is easy to write on small pieces of paper.
Decorate your jar, making sure that you have a label that says "success" somewhere on it.  You can call it "My Success," or "Jar of Success," or "My Awesome Creative Genius Success" - you choose.
Once you've got your label all set, your jar is ready for use!

How to Use a Jar of Success

Decorating a jar is the easy (and fun!) part, but using it is where the magic happens.  Firstly, find a place where you'll see this jar on a daily basis; mine is on the edge of my desk, so I can't miss it.  You want the jar in a place so you can actually see your success grow.  Find a good spot nearby to tuck away those slips of paper and nice pens/pencils.
Now, every time you experience a success, jot down a note and add it to the jar.  You don't have to write a novel, just a short phrase or sentence so you'll remember what happened.  When you add it to the jar, say, "thank you" -- having an attitude of gratitude towards success will pave the way for more success.   Don't be shy in adding to your jar -- fill that sucker full!  You're so successful!  Your jar overflows with success!

The most important part:  designate a time each year (or another timeframe, quarterly?  the equinoxes?  you choose) in which you'll open up the jar and reflect on all of your successes.  How do they feel weeks and months later?  Did something turn out better than expected?  Maybe you'll see some trends; maybe you'll be inspired for your next big move to take you even higher.
The best way to say thank you and goodbye to these successes is to burn them in the fireplace or campfire.  Now your jar is empty and ready for your next round of success.  Yahoo, congratulations to you and all of your success!
By the way, this is an excellent gift idea for those people in your life who are looking for more success.  (Who wouldn't want more of that?)

Andy Hayes

Andy Hayes is the founder and creator of Plum Deluxe. He authors our award-winning weekly email newsletter, The Blend and curates our popular organic tea of the month club.
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