How to Wish Good Health with the Right Gift

How to Wish Good Health with the Right Gift

Sometimes we want to give gifts that encourage healthy living. As Count Rugen so wisely said in The Princess Bride, if you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything. Whether they're planning their country's 500th anniversary or just want to feel better in the new year, here are some gift ideas for wishing good health on the recipient -- body, mind, and spirit.


When we talk about health, most of us immediately think about our physical bodies -- and since it’s through our bodies that we interact with the world, keeping them in good condition is, indeed, important.
Gift certificates for things like acupuncture and massage are a wonderful way to help your loved one care for themselves in a relaxing way. Pair them with a homemade salt bath soak or a set of tea-infused skin care products. If your giftee has been talking about being more active but they aren’t sure how to begin, consider giving them vouchers for a local yoga or tai chi class.
Of course, we at Plum Deluxe are big proponents of the health benefits of tea, so consider giving a thoughtful tea gift set or signing your special someone up for our monthly tea club.


While physical health is important, so is mental health; the two even affect one another. (As therapist Kati Morton says, “Healthy mind, healthy body.”) So what can you give to promote a healthy mental state?
Journals! As almost any therapist will tell you -- and as we have found for ourselves -- few things aid in mental clarity and healthy rumination more than a good journaling practice. If your giftee is new to journaling, put together a gift with everything they’ll need to get started: a lovely blank book, smooth-writing pens, and a list of journaling prompts. If they’re already a journaling pro, consider sending them to Andrea Leda’s “Awaken Your Practice” journaling retreat.
Another gift that can help uplift a friend’s mental state -- by helping them learn a new skill as well as socialize with like-minded people -- is the gift of knowledge. An art, craft, cooking, or even improv class are perfect, depending on your giftee’s interests. Maybe you can even take the class together as a way to grow your relationship!


A third and vital area of health is spiritual health. That often gets relegated to the “woo-woo” or religious department, but it shouldn’t; spiritual health has as much -- or more -- to do with getting in touch with your inner truth as it does with the tenants of any particular faith or tradition.
To set someone on their path to spiritual health, consider gifting them a session with a spiritual or life coach. There are many wonderful coaches out there who act as guides to assist people in uncovering their purpose, whether they are leaders, creatives, or entrepreneurs.
Those who wish to follow their own path may appreciate a deck of Shelley Hawkins’ #MondayWisdoms cards (we use them in our monthly tea leaf readings and just love the messages they have) or an affirming Yo Soy candle to help them focus on their intentions. A guided meditation will pull everything together and help them stay grounded.
No matter which area of health you wish to focus on, include an encouraging message to your giftee. Above all, they will appreciate that you love and care about them!

Ciaran Keast

Ciaran Keast loves art, semicolons, books, cats -- and all the tea, ever. When they're not posting tea photos on social media, you'll catch them at almost every Plum Deluxe event.
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