How to Host a High Tea Bridal Shower

How to Host a High Tea Bridal Shower
Bridal shower season is upon us, and with the popularity of television shows like “Downton Abbey” stirring people into a tea-loving frenzy, there’s no better time to break out the teacups. Throwing your bride-to-be a high tea bridal shower is elegant and easy, and it doesn’t have to feel stuffy, either.

Choose a Theme

So, what kind of gal is your bride? This is important, because the bride’s tastes will affect the style of the party. If she’s into swank then a Mad Men-themed tea cocktail party or a classy tea and cheese pairing might be just the thing. Casual gals are likely to love a mid-day brunch tea, while an evening soiree in the garden will delight nature lovers. And if you have a more traditional bride, well, go with a classic English tea party theme!
Don’t forget to send out invitations! You may also want to brush up on your hospitality by imbuing some southern charm into your event. If you really want to make an impression, try a few of these dinner party hacks.

Select the Menu

Once you have the theme and decor nailed down, you’ll want to turn your attention to the menu. Think about what would best fit with the season and the theme of the party, but also keep in mind what would delight the bride. Below are links to some of our favorite recipes for bridal tea party bliss.
Parmesan Wheat Scones
Crunchy Cocoa Cookies
Earl Grey Tea Granita
Tea Syllabub
A Trio of Tea Sandwiches
Tea-infused Quinoa
Sweet Tea Ice Cream
Showstopper Victoria Sponge Cake
Novel Idea Tea Cocktail
Conversation Starter Earl Grey Cocktail
Mint Tea Grasshopper Cocktail
Vanilla MarTEAni
You can also keep it simple and serve up some hot or iced tea (which you can fancy up with some easy tea ice cubes.
Specific blends that are great at bridal shows are of course white teas (our peach/pear white tea pairs wonderfully with food). A fruit-infused earl grey (like the gratitude blend strawberry earl grey) is also excellent. Of course we strongly recommend having one or two herbal teas as well.

Set Up Space

If you’re hosting the shower in your home, you’ll need to get your space ready for guests. Warning: This might mean rearranging some furniture to create comfortable seating for dining and conversation. These tips on hosting a party in a small space are terrific, even for those with larger homes.
Don’t be afraid to break out the good china, or mix and match for a more casual affair. consider creative ways to display the food to make it look good while also being easily accessible to guests. You may want to put everything on one table as a focal point, or create individual spots for different groupings; a separate tea station is always a great idea!

Show Favor

For your tea party bridal shower favors, send guests home with decorated teapot cookies, or bundle honey sticks together with a bag of tea and a cute tag that says, “The Sweetest Pair.” To really wow them, create a personalized tea blend that guests can take home and enjoy. You can also make tea blending one of the party activities by setting up an area where guests can make their own custom tea.
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