How to Get Back In Your Flow: A 3 Step Process

How to Get Back In Your Flow: A 3 Step Process
Whether it's the holiday rush, family drama, work travel, or other circumstances, sometimes life knocks us off track. It might show up for you in how you're eating and drinking, or maybe your sleeping patterns/habits, or it could show up in your work/productivity space.
I usually call this "in the flow," but you might be just feeling unbalanced or unable to get into a stable routine.

This happens, especially in this day and age where information flies fast and social media has made it easy for us to be exposed to the politics and drama of the world stage. Don't sweat it -- just acknowledge it and set your intentions to get back into your flow.
Here are 3 steps you can take whenever you feel like you need a reset.

1. Unplug Everything Unpluggable

If you need to get back into your flow, you need to create some space. Our free Making Moments Matter worksheet is an excellent guide to help you do this.
I use the term unplug in a general sense; this may mean taking a Facebook break, but it could also mean taking a break from wine, taking a break from an ongoing obligation that you just don't have the time/energy for, taking a break from trash TV, or taking a break literally -- go on vacation!
Make space. By freeing up some space, you might find that you'll naturally gravitate back towards the daily routine that you're craving.

2. Turn Up the Self Care

Here at Plum Deluxe, we talk a lot about self care. (I mean, we even made a self care tea and a self care meditation. Hello!) Why do we keep talking about it?
Because we want to reminder you that you need deserve self care. Even if it's just 15 minutes.
Self care does not mean hot baths or silly stuff. Taking a walk at lunch, sleeping in for 15 extra minutes, treating yourself to a delicious dessert you've been wanting, booking a much-needed date night with your other half, going by yourself to a movie, singing karaoke, staying up all night with your BFF laughing.... Self care looks different for everyone. (When in doubt, start with Sarah's HALT method. Sometimes you just need to go back to basics.)

3. Get Back On with Your Daily "Bookends"

Lastly, take a look at what your bookends are. This is what I call your morning routine and evening routine. There is plenty of research that highlights a correlation between stable morning/evening routines and having success in productivity, focus, and happiness.
For mornings, this is a personal preference, but here are 5 Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine. In the evening, I suggest a cup of herbal tea and reflecting on two things: what you were grateful for today and what you are looking forward to/are hopeful for tomorrow.

Andy Hayes

Andy Hayes is the founder and creator of Plum Deluxe. He authors our award-winning weekly email newsletter, The Blend and curates our popular organic tea of the month club.
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