How to Enjoy Nature Without Leaving Your House

How to Enjoy Nature Without Leaving Your House

We all know how good spending time in nature feels; it resets our emotional system and gives us a fresh breath of air -- both literally and figuratively.
But in every season, there are times when you just can't get out there; sometimes the weather stands in the way, or work deadlines, or maybe you're not feeling so well.  That's why today I want to suggest some ways that you can enjoy nature inside beyond a vase of flowers on the table or adding in another succulent plant. Consider these some self care treatments for you your home!

Give your artwork a natural twist

I just love art -- I don't think it's given its fair dues for the amount of influence it can have on transforming your interior space (in a most certain way).  I think it is a great idea to incorporate a healthy amount of nature-inspired art in your home.  There is art that is actually made of plants.  I personally love watercolor art; this one is amazing for the tea lovers, but for more abstract pieces I love the work of Charlene Happel.  If you just search on your favorite art site for terms like "living walls" you'll find lots of options.

Enjoy some floral sachets and/or essential oils

Something that lasts longer than flowers on the table would be floral sachets and/or essential oils; you could make your own or just buy them.  Lavender is the most popular, of course, but here are some other favorites for you to consider if you want to make your own combinations
  • bergamot orange oil with rose petals
  • lavender and lime oil in the diffuser
  • douglas fir or white fir oils
  • peppermint/spearmint with a pinch of chamomile

If you don't have an essential oil diffuser, you can simply put a drop or two of the oils on a cotton ball in each room you want to infuse with some fresh energy.

Sip some floral or herbaceous teas

Tea is, naturally, a wonderful way to bring the energy of nature into your home and into your body -- that's part of the magical calming influence of tea.  In this case, I'd like to suggest specifically looking at floral or more herbaceous teas to help you tap into that invigorating energy of nature.
Two teas that fit right into that category are our Evening in the Garden tea -- the elderflower feels like the sparkles of champagne, paired perfectly with the rose petals and fresh lemon peel -- and the Meadow Walk blend, which pairs floral lavender with an earthy rosemary and tart blueberries to create a calming flavor melange.

Create an outdoor cozy spot inside

Lastly, we've talked about creating reading nooks and creating sanctuary spaces indoors. But what if you think about your favorite outdoor features when creating your inside spot?  Ideas:
  • hammocks or other comfortable outdoor-style chairs
  • a fire pit (ok, how about these instead)
  • have a beach bag with all of your favorites right there: essential oils, current books, your journal, coloring books
  • dried flowers
How do you bring your favorite elements of nature indoors?  Show us and tag us on social media -- we'd love to see!
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