The Healthiest Hot Tea You Can Drink

The Healthiest Hot Tea You Can Drink
You’ve probably seen at least one clickbait article advertising some kind of tea as a “miracle cure” or “this one weird trick.” While more often than not, these “miracle cure” claims turn out to be false, tea does seem to have some great benefits. Let’s take a look at the healthiest hot tea.

What Is the Healthiest Hot Tea for Your Body?

While it’s hard to find a lot of concrete studies on the subject, tea-drinking has been linked to many health benefits. Green tea in particular gets a lot of attention as one of the less-processed teas. However, polyphenols -- antioxidants linked with the prevention of cell damage and cancer -- are present in all teas from the camellia sinensis plant. This includes white tea, green tea, oolong tea, pu-erh tea, and black tea. Regular consumption of the camellia teas has also been linked to decreased risk of heart disease, strokes, and memory-related diseases.

The caffeinated camellia sinensis teas don’t work for everyone, though. The good news is that the wide variety of herbal ingredients used to make herbal tisanes has an even wider variety of health benefits. You’ve probably had a nice cup of ginger tea with honey when you were sick, or tried a chamomile brew to help you fall asleep at night. Check out this handy post to learn more about the health benefits in popular herbal tea ingredients.

What Is the Healthiest Hot Tea for Your Mind?

Tea can also be a great supplement to your mental health. Even the simple act of making yourself a cup of tea can be a way of collecting your thoughts, and taking a moment to care for yourself.
If you experience a lot of anxiety, it is important to take note of how much caffeine you are drinking. Sometimes, caffeine can aggravate your already anxious mind. Check out this post to get a feel for how much caffeine is in the teas you are drinking.

Next time you notice your mental health taking a turn for the worse, consider taking a tea break. Try one of these relaxing herbal brews or pick out the tea that makes you the happiest. Grab your favorite mug and infuser, and wait for the water to boil. Don’t go back to what you are working on until you have fully steeped your tea and waited for it to cool. The simple act of waiting for something you enjoy can help your spiraling thoughts settle down a little bit.
Sometimes, the healthiest hot tea is whatever tea keeps you grounded and brings you happiness.

Elora Powell

Elora is a writer, comic-book lover, and all around geek. She loves pairing records from the 1960s with great cups of tea, and is currently becoming the kind of person that will ask you if you've ever tried Pu Erh.
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